Cover We're listing five artists to know from the Gen.T List 2020

From acclaimed conductors to avid art collectors and inspiring photographers, these are the rising stars of today’s arts industry you should know from the Gen.T List 2020

Gen. T has just finished revealing the 400 honourees on the Gen.T List 2020 at a series of virtual and physical launch events across the region. Here, we introduce five outstanding artists from the list who are shaking up the global cultural scene with their diverse talents and hard work.  

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Wilson Ng

Hong Kong musician Wilson Ng is one of the fastest rising talents in the conducting world. He is passionate about creating positive social impact, so it was only natural that when he founded his Gustav Mahler Orchestra in 2014, he did so with the philosophy of bringing classical music accessible to the city at its core, aiming to support and nurture young local talents. 

His personal charisma and strong leadership skills have led him to make history in 2019 for becoming the first Chinese Associate conductor of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, after receiving major prizes at the Frankfurt Sir Georg Solti International Conductors’ Competition 2017 and the Paris Svetlanov International Conducting Competition 2018.  

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Arthur De Villepin

The son of former French prime minister Dominique de Villepin, Arthur is the founder and CEO of the Art de Vivre Group, and the CEO of cross-border consulting firm Villepin International. Like many young buyers in the local art scene, Arthur grew up in an art world—with his father, an avid art collector, and mother, an acclaimed sculptor, constantly introducing him to many leading artists such as Zao Wou-Ki, Anselm Kiefer and Pierre Soulages.

The networking experience had led Arthur to foster a passion for art since a very young age, who then developed an ambition to set up a new model of collecting based on close friendships with artists. To him, art collecting isn’t just about making investment purchases. It involves the art of building authentic connections between the buyer and the artist, which is also the main goal he wants to achieve with his father with their newly-opened fine art gallery Villepin in Central, Hong Kong. 

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Nadirah Zakariya

The Malaysian photographer Nadirah Zakariya has captured the public’s attention by producing a series of self-portraits that revolves around vitiligo—a skin condition which causes the loss of skin colour in blotches—something that she has been hiding for years. These strikingly beautiful images were even featured in Vice, Vogue Italia and The New York Times, which are not merely visuals advocating skin positivity in the global community, but more as a great reminder that loving yourself is the single best thing you can do. 

Zakariya is also very keen to share her insights on what photography means to her with the public, who regularly hosts masterclasses to nurture young photography talents, guiding them on how to best execute visual poetry and portraits.  

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Stanley Chen

As a former employee of tech giants Google and Baidu, Stanely Chen surely knows a thing or two about harnessing artificial intelligence (A.I) for breakthrough innovation and positive social impact. 

Driven by his desire to produce modern thought-provoking works in the world of traditional literature, Chen is determined to adopt AI technology to produce stories addressing topics from pollution to patriarchy, who has been highly lauded for his distinct writing style and power to depict the evolving relationship between humans and technology.  

Chen has now become one of China’s best-known award-winning science fiction writers, and we just can’t wait to read his upcoming new stories.

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Pooja Nansi

Pooja Nansi wears many hats in the world of arts. She’s a poet, educator and musician, who believes in the power that speech and performance can lend to the written word. Nansi is the guiding light of Singapore’s performance scene, who curated the monthly spoken word and poetry event Speakeasy in 2013, a project that dedicated to shedding light on rising and established poetry talents from places as diverse as Burma and Botswana.

The aspiring artist is also recognised for her endeavours to promote voices from the minority communities in Singapore, where she co-organised and produced Other Tongues, a special programme in 2018, inviting young people across minor language groups to participate in a series of inspiring literary events. She has also been appointed as the first female festival director of the Singapore Writers Festival from 2019 onwards. 

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