Cover Photo credit: Friends to Mankind.

Aside from lighting up the stage as an experienced and elegant dancer, Apshy Vimal is cultivating reading habits by creating libraries under The Book Effect project.

The arts and education are two spectrums of subjects that are not far off from one another, and Apshy Vimal hold the two torches in a single passionate flame. The dancer and owner of a bespoke bakery, Cake & Bake is also the Youth Ambassador and Project Lead at Friends to Mankind where she oversees charitable and educational projects like Dance4Charity and The Book Effect

We spoke to Apshy on the goal of The Book Effect to raise 10,000 books and building libraries for underserved children, who are the people behind the project and other fun facts about her.

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What is The Book Effect?

It’s a very personal project for me because growing up, books were such a big part of my life. Books taught me to imagine and dream in a way that TV never could. It gave me insights into worlds I would never otherwise understand. Books have always been there for me, in one way or another, and I want to share that magic with other children.

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What is Friends to Mankind?

We are  an international NGO founded by Dhyan Vimal and headquartered in Canada with operations running out of Malaysia. We are not a typical NGO as we don’t have a specific cause which we champion, rather, we support individual efforts and provide them with the resources to make their project/initiative happen. Many of our members are volunteers from all walks of life, bringing their unique talents to help make us a well-rounded team.

It's a very personal project for me because growing up, books were such a big part of my life.

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How do you balance doing charity, dancing and running a bakery?

I'm very blessed to be able to do them all. At times it definitely gets overwhelming but because I love it all so much it doesn't ever feel like too much. I always try to strike a balance, it’s a huge priority for me and I’ve been slowly working at getting better at it.


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If there is a book written about you, what would the title be?

"Where would we be without flowers?" This is a phrase I got from my favorite book, The Handmaid's Tale. What I really liked about it was that throughout the story the narrator talks about all these horrible things that happened to her, but towards the end, she explains that she still tried to include beautiful things too: “Like flowers, where would we be without them?" This line has always stuck with me, and if you really think about it, where would we be without flowers?

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What is your current fascination?

My current and forever obsession is with cats. If there is ever a cat around, you’ll find me next to it trying to pet it. I just love them so much!

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