Being fit and healthy is the new trend to looking sexy. We speak to 7 individuals who take their health more than seriously and discover what their journey to fitness entailed.

Cycling: Ewan Saufi Abas

Ewan Saufi Abas has long enjoyed the virtues of sports since his youthful days in primary school playing football. As he grew older, his desire to stay in good health saw his attention shifting towards running and that eventually led him to his current passion—cycling. 

“Fitness is important because it helps you to de-stress and as a result, you feel good. I want to keep myself healthy because I like to eat so it’s a good balance,” he says. “When it comes to cycling, I love the speed and adrenaline I can get out of it. I also get to travel far, visit more places, and enjoy scenic views. Cycling is an outlet to explore and travel."


Squash: Sally Looi

Sally Looi, an ex-national squash player and now an avid golfer, comes from a family of sports-savvy individuals. As a child she lived near a popular sports club that was famous for squash. She visited the club with her family every weekend to get her dose of physical workouts. 

“My mom would always send us (she and her brothers) to the club every Saturday and Sunday. We would spend the whole day training, eating, swimming and playing. Exercise is important to my parents,” says Looi as she reminisces her past.

Inner Strength: Koh Li Tim

Like most Malaysians, Koh Li Tim understands and embraces his cultural heritage (of loving good food). He also understands that in order to continue eating good food, he needs to stay in shape by balancing his lifestyle with fitness and workout routines. To ensure his engagement and dedication, Koh takes part in challenging and interesting training exercises in order to keep himself motivated and determined.

“My personal trainer trains me like an athlete. We do freestyle, power training and CrossFit-type circuit training throughout the weekdays,” explains Koh.

Health and Fitness: Dr Andrea Lim and Dr Shaun Alexander 

Dr Shaun Alexander and Dr Andrea Lim are quite a unique pair. Not only are they both certified medical doctors by profession, they are also fitness buffs. 

They believe that education is the key to motivating people to get on their feet and do something about it. The former is a firm believer in the adage ‘prevention is better than cure’, insisting that “we can prevent much suffering by simply taking the time to reach out and educate those around us”. His wife totally agrees to this as well.

Drinking Clean: Chryseis Tan

Global citizen Chryseis Tan confesses her dislike when it comes to eating vegetables, more so raw vegetables. Due to her busy schedule and the frequent temptation for a good meal, Tan found it hard to make healthy choices all the time until she discovered cold-pressed juices and the whole lot of goodness that came with consuming them.

“When I started taking more of La Juiceria’s cold-pressed juices, it helped me to consume more vegetables and fruits, more than I could ever imagine, which eventually brought about many benefits,” says Tan in regards to the juice business which she has invested in. 

Eating Clean: Elaine Ho

Food speaks volumes about our culture and who we are as a society and individual. Food scientist Elaine Ho has channelled her fascination for healthy eating into her food delivery service—Chopstick Diner.

“I like to see people eat healthily and I realised that people were telling me although my website was good, they just didn’t have the time to do it. That was always the excuse. So, one fine day I sat down thinking about it. If people in KL don’t have the time, why don’t I bring the convenience to them in the form of a healthy lunch box,” says Ho. 


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