Juggling three boys as a mother is no easy feat, so when Angela Karto’s husband Erwin Azizi asked her how she would like to celebrate her birthday, her playful answer, “In my pajamas!” would become the basis of the party’s theme. Forty guests showed up at Beauty and The Beast at Plaza Batai, dressed in their sleepwear to honour her request. The birthday girl looked youthful in her Pucci ‘pajamas’ and twin braids when she arrived. She graciously arranged with Elizabeth Lee-Yong to surprise her friends Ken Lim and Hubert Hoi, whose birthdays are close to hers, with a cake each. Guests like Erwan Azizi, Teja Salehuddin and Alyssa Hishamuddin had a wonderful time playing bingo, posing for pictures and catching up with each other.

Photos: Shaffiq Farhan

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