Hong Kong Tatler's Most Stylish Woman of 2017, Adrienne Hui has an innate sense of panache. We talk to her about style, fashion and receiving the award for the city's best-dressed lady
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Above Adrienne wears Versace (Photo: Courtesy of Jason Capobianco)

“When the Tatler team told me I was going to receive their Most Stylish Woman award, my first reaction was, ‘Are you sure you’ve got the right person?’ I was stunned, because I don’t think of myself as stylish. I just wear what I want and set my own dress code. I simply see fashion as a reflection of my personality. I like to have fun with it.”

Tatler 500 lister Adrienne Hui is delightfully direct and straightforward when discussing matters of style.

Even in cut-off denim shorts and a plain blouse, she looks amazing, but it’s this blasé attitude that makes you instantly covet anything she’s wearing and yearn to peek into her closet (she has two)—because chances are it’s the stuff fashion dreams are made of. Cool without trying is, after all, the secret recipe for real panache. 

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“I’ve never really been asked to think about it, but if I had to define it, I would say style is unique to each and every person. It’s an expression of your personality and it’s about being true to yourself, being honest about who you are.”

For Adrienne, that translates to a bold character, a captivating sassiness and an unapologetically carefree approach to dressing. 

Tatler Asia
Above Adrienne wears Versace (Photo: Courtesy of Jason Capobianco)

Spot her at any of the many events she attends—the former private banker and mother of two, who’s married to businessman Justin Hui, is a regular on Hong Kong’s social scene—and chances are she’ll be sporting laid-back-but-so-on-point outfits that exude body confidence and a killer fashion sense.

An example? The stunning macramé lace dress by Versace she wore to last year’s Hong Kong Tatler Ball. “I don’t follow trends,” she says. “I just work my outfits around my personality and my figure. I know what I like and what I look good in. It’s all about how I feel. It has to be me.” 

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Such poise, the style maven confesses, has mostly come with age. “Entering my 30s really shifted the way I think and feel as a woman. And it’s only gotten better with time,” says the 39-year-old. “I no longer care about what people might think. I’m not intimidated. I’m simply myself. It’s liberating, really.”

It's also the reason she decided to accept the award. “After the shock came a tiny little bit of, 'Should I actually do this?'” she laughs. “I thought of turning it down because I’m not usually in the limelight. But then my wise, thirtysomething self thought, 'Why not?' I see this—the recognition, the shoot, the chance to be on the cover of Tatler—as a new experience. I want to embrace every aspect of it.”

Tatler Asia
Above Adrienne wears Versace (Photo: Courtesy of Jason Capobianco)

She is, she admits, a fashion enthusiast, “but out of innate curiosity," she says. "I don’t take it seriously, but I do follow a few influencers and I used to be an avid Vogue reader.”

It’s not surprising that her style icon is creative consultant Anna Dello Russo, editor-at-large for Vogue Japan, who is known for her whimsical, daring ensembles and outré public persona. “She pushes fashion boundaries so well. She thinks her outfits through, yet she always makes fashion look fun and exciting.”

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But timelessness, comfort and quality are equally important to Adrienne. “I only purchase gowns I know I can wear again. That’s a rule I apply to everything in my closet, actually. I’m quite a savvy shopper. Hermès, Chanel, Max Mara are my go-to for cashmere and coats. I like things that stand the test of time.” 

“Adrienne embodies the edgy face of style—ballsy, understated and sleek regardless of the situation,” says Hong Kong Tatler editor-in-chief Jakki Phillips. “She always looks well put-together yet is willing to take risks. She can pull off any style, from short, tight sequin dresses to long, flowy chiffon gowns. She’s also really great at styling looks for herself that mix high fashion and streetwear.”

Go behind the scenes of our January 2018 cover shoot with Adrienne in the video below: 

Photography: Jason Capobianco | Styling: Justine Lee | Hair: Dickey Blue 

Make-up: Megumi Sekine | Location: Aqua Luna | Stylist's assistant: Rosana Lai 

Video: Kevin Cureau/Hong Kong Tatler


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