Adrian Cheng is leading the charge in the art industry. His boundary-breaking efforts and exhibitions through his K11 Art Foundation have gained him a spot on The Impact List 2020

Adrian Cheng has emerged as one of the world’s most influential arts patrons, famous for backing boundary-breaking exhibitions through his K11 Art Foundation. But this year Cheng has extended his giving to other sectors, too.

Covid-19 has been a wake-up call for all of us to think about how connected we are,” says Cheng.

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NWD funded new mask factories in Hong Kong, which have produced millions of masks that have been distributed for free to low-income families. Cheng donated HK$10 million to scientists researching how masks can be made more effective. “I keep advocating CSV: creating shared value,” says Cheng. “What we are trying to do is not simply give, but to join hands and create more value for society. It is a shift from passive to proactive.” Another of NWD’s initiatives saw the donation of 3 million square feet of land to help ease Hong Kong’s social housing shortage.

And Cheng remains committed to the arts. He launched the K11 Craft & Guild Foundation, which works to conserve Chinese craftsmanship. And in October Cheng announced he is spearheading the transformation of the State Theatre, a historic former cinema, into a cultural hub. “With our international team, we will do our best to conserve and restore this iconic building to its original glamour and build a cultural oasis that serves the community,” he says.

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