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Director of Robson 7, Lim Ai San takes us on a tour of the environmentally focused co-sharing educational hub for the community

Surrounded by nature in the quiet and cosy area of Taman Seputeh, lies Robson 7. A community space like no other, which can be utilised for a myriad of purposes - from running a business, to conducting workshops, fitness classes or even hosting an intimate wedding reception. The director of Robson 7, Lim Ai San shared that the initial idea behind the creation of the space was to give back to the people within the area; and while it has done that, it proves to be capable of so much more. We went on a quick tour to check out all that Robson 7 has to offer.

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Down to Business

With an entire build up of 36,000 sqft, it's easy to find an entire floor, or even just a desk area, for you or your company to operate in. The five storey structure allows for rental of the second, third and fourth floors. Each of the levels cater to specific needs as well: the second floor which is entirely done up, would appeal to individuals looking for a space to create or work in. The third and fourth floors then offer the essentials, and allows for personalisation and managing costs of operation - and can even be renovated (if necesary) to suit the client. Thus making it ideal for those who are looking for a bigger space for their companies.

There are also dedicated meeting and conference rooms available, along with basic work equipment such as printers. Prices are pretty affordable as well, as one of the goals of creating this space is to aid individuals or entrepreneurs who are just starting out on their ventures, and who would be on a budget.

The environment too is especially conducive to creatives as the area is surrounded by greens and designed to let a modest amount of natural light in. Therefore allowing one to feel free and take in the natural views when in need of a break from work.

Play Area

Then there's also the dedicated events space, which takes up approximately 5200 sqft of Robson 7, with indoor and outdoor options made available. This translates to up to 300 guests or participants being able to take part in your event. Fret not though, as there's ample parking too - but as the emphasis is on being eco-friendly, do carpool when possible.

Another apeal of Robson 7 is that the cosy, quiet area barely gets any noise distrubance, so you can easily focus on your activity, or make as much noise as you want. Its proximity to the neighbouring residential area is far enough to allow everyone to be comfortable.

The outdoor area would be ideal for yoga sessions or active workshops, while the hall can cater to talks and workshops as well, among other things - you can even rent both the spaces and have a celebration should you require. The best part is, you wouldn't have to put in too much effort either...

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The Team

Why the lack of effort on your part, you ask? (Well even if you didn't) You should know that Robson 7 also has partnered up with a number of other service providers and companies to create the ideal co-sharing space.

From fitness, to a floral curator, food and beverage providers plus even a car rental service, you won't have to go far to source out all that you need. With its creative and experienced team on hand to perfectly execute your demands, Robson 7 is set to become a one-stop events space.

This month sees Robson 7 conducting a series of children's workshops in partnership with The Happiness Project, with the aim of inculcating a love for the environment within the young ones:
Marine Hero Week (11-12 May, 2019)
Green Superhero Week (18-19 May, 2019)

P.S. Robson 7 is also pet-friendly (so feel free to bring your furry kids along too)


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