The entrepreneur and mother of two explains why efficiency is key and how she makes use of the 24 hours in her day

Many will agree that time is something people in Hong Kong want but few can afford – Lindsay Jang is a prime example as she never ceases to surprise us, she’s constantly working on new projects, refining ideas, and monitoring her multiple business ventures throughout the city; as she seemingly makes use of the 24 hours in each day.

Thankfully, the efficiency and pace of Hong Kong fits in well with her ‘work hard, play harder’ mentality and we speak to the entrepreneur about her knack for multi-tasking and her favourite spots around the city:

The pace of Hong Kong is one of the city’s most attractive features, it makes it easy to get sh*t done

Hands down the best cup of coffee is at Elephant Grounds

My cocktail of choice is always a margarita!

When I need to break a sweat, I always head to TOPFIT

After a long night out, there’s nothing better than ginger ale, Motorino pizza, and an advil

If I’m in the mood to splurge – I always head to Celine 

When I need to get away from it all, I like to practice yoga – I may still be in the same space physically, mentally I allow myself to unwind and relax

My guilty pleasures consist of massages and sleeping in – or a combination of  both

I always insist on doing my own hair and make-up, nobody knows me better than I know myself – am I right?

My favourite places to eat around Hong Kong obviously include Yardbird and Ronin, but I’m also a huge fan of Ho Lee Fook and Carbone, I absolutley love cheese and pasta

If I’ve been out of town for a while, I just love the feeling of coming back into my own house and laying in my own bed and being in my own bathroom

Photography by King Fung
Special thanks to TopFit and Ronin

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