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Manila City mayor Francisco Moreno Domagoso, who goes by the alias "Yorme Isko," is a politician that ordinary Filipinos could strongly relate to. But there is always more to him than his humble personality and his love for Pinoy street food.

The life of Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno is a page torn from a book. The man was a former pedicab driver who tried to get by through scavenged scraps of food. He used to dwell in the shantytown of Tondo where people can barely access basic necessities. 

As fate would have it, Isko now seats at the top post in Manila City, governing over 1.6 million people and 38 councillors—a life far from the one he pictured as a young boy.

Because of his humble beginnings, Isko easily pierced the hearts of ordinary Filipinos. But there is more to Yorme than this; we bare it all in this article.

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His Major Break In Acting Came In 1993

Isko was discovered by talent scout Wowie Roxas in 1993. His first shot in show business happened in That's Entertainment, a Pinoy variety show featuring TV host German Moreno's stable of aspiring teen idols. 

His major break happened in 1993 when he made a cameo in the romance movie May Minamahal. The following year, he became the leading man of Claudine Barretto in Muntik Na Kitang Minahal.

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His Political Career Did Not Take Off Until 1998

The Mayor is not new to politics. In fact, he had sworn in as Manila councillor for the first congressional district in 1998. He was once again seated in the same position in 2001 and 2004. In 2007, he took oath as Manila's Vice Mayor. He took a crash course in Local Legislation and Local Finance at the esteemed University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman.

Isko also finished a public administration degree at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM).

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His Favourite Hangout Is A 'Tumbongan' In Tondo

The streets of Tondo is a place close to Isko's heart. His favourite hangout, Rados Lechonan sa Simon, is located in its busy streets. The place is a humble eatery that serves tumbong or dishes made out of pigs’ intestines (pork isaw).

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He Has Five Children

Manila's beloved mayor is married to businesswoman Diana Lynn Ditan. Their long-term relationship bore them five beautiful children: Frances Diane, Joaquin Andre, Franco, Vincent Patrick, and Drake Marcus. 

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He Has A Dog Named 'Yorme'

Isko has an equally handsome dog he calls 'Yorme'. In 2019, the mayor brought his then six-month-old pet to the office and it was obvious that the public could not get over it. Yorme is a Caucasian Ovcharka, a huge breed native to the countries of the Caucasus region, notably Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Dagestan.

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He's Running For Presidency

Moreno launched his presidential bid on Wednesday, September 22 at the Baseco Compound in Tondo, Manila. The mayor will be running alongside Dr Willie Ong, a 57-year-old cardiologist and internist with16 million Facebook followers.

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He Was Featured In Our March 2020 Issue

For the March 2020 Issue of Tatler Philippines, Managing Editor Chit Lijauco underscored a day in the life of the uber-busy Manila Mayor. In an accompanying short film, we follow his footsteps around the beloved city. Watch the video below: 

This article was originally published on July 6, 2021; last updated on September 22, 2021.

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