We highlight local and delicious ways to savour the couple’s unconventional wedding cake by Claire Ptak of Violet Cakes, plus some interesting nuggets on the recently despatched wedding invitations.

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How Meghan met the baker of her wedding cake

With the royal wedding less than 2 months away, no information is too small to feed the world’s imagination. So far, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made headlines breaking royal protocol, a recent one being the announcement of a spring-themed, lemon poppy seed elderflower cake for their May 19 nuptials, rather than a traditional wedding fruitcake. California-raised pastry chef Claire Ptak who runs London bakery Violet Cakes has been commissioned to create the cake.

Somewhat of a ‘celebrity’ food stylist, Claire has contributed to The Guardian and is said to have met the bride back when Meghan interviewed her for her former website, The Tig. Claire's delightful treats emphasise a lot on organic and seasonal ingredients.

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The other surprise: The wedding card

Thursday, 22 March saw the despatch of the royal wedding invitation, too, but bore noticably curious details. The elegant cards printed by royal invitation makers Bernard & Westwood, omit her first real name of Rachel, in comparison to the Queen’s formal marriage consent letter. It also addresses Meghan as ‘Ms.’, compared to Kate Middleton’s ‘Miss’ in her own wedding invitation. 

Etiquette experts, though, affirm these royal etiquette customs: As a semi-inclusive public ceremony, it would make sense to refer to Meghan by her public name and ‘Ms’ indicates her divorced status. On a lighter note, the invitation uses American ink on English card as a nod to Meghan’s US heritage. But more on the unusual wedding cake!

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The cake's spring theme

On March 20, Claire Ptak shared via Instagram her appointment to create “a lemon elderflower cake that will incorporate the bright flavors of spring” for the couple. She’s to finish it in her trademark buttercream and fresh flowers decorations. 

If the zesty cake’s got your curious tastebuds tingling, KL’s F&B scene does offer a chance to sample these flavours. From exotic cocktails to indulgent bakes, here’s where you can taste the fêted elderflower and lemon poppy seed.

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Belvoir Fruit Farm's elderflower fizz

Savour the elegant floral in a refreshing sparkling drink, enhanced with rose petal extracts. Belvoir Fruit Farm's pink beverage evokes the Englishness of summer, and a touch of zesty lemonade that makes for a sublime infusion.

Where to get: Respectable grocery stores in the Klang Valley or online concierge service honestbee.my.

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Botak Liquor Bar's elderflower cocktail

The surge of cocktail bars led us to Botak Liquor Bar, who builds tipples around homegrown botanicals. Toast the symbolic bloom in a sweet pea and elderflower creation, blended with whiskey, sweet peas and an organic elderflower cordial and lime.

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Thirdwave's elderflower ode

The lively elderflower plays muse to Thirdwave’s artistic dessert named Juliet’s Dream. The ravishing dish of elderflower panna cotta and elderberry meringue rose prove harmonious counterparts to raspberry sorbet, white chocolate and blue pea flower gel.

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Kakigori's pink shaved ice

Kakigori’s towering pink shaved ice dessert pays homage to the elderflower, infused with delicate dashes of elderberry and elderflower espuma, finished with a cranberry yogurt panna cotta topping.

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Fluff Bakery's stuffed lemon-poppy seed cupcake

KL’s Fluff Bakery has caused quite a furore with its decadent bakes and cupcakes, but it’s their lemon poppy seed goods that add dimension to this tart treat. A downright decadent lemon-curd stuffed cupcake is studded with the crackling bite of the nutty seed.

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Souka's sunny poppy seed cake

The coupling of lemon and poppy seed is highlighted in this perennial favourite, baked to pretty perfection at Souka. Made from butter cake and a lemon cream cheese frosting, it's summery beauty to the last crumb.

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VCR's lemony poppy seed cake

Arguably one of the celebrated lemon poppy seed cakes in town can be had at VCR café. The tangy sponge is topped with a layer of the blue-black seed, under which is a buttery bake that begs for a cuppa.