Our high society friends are navigating 2018 differently by counting their blessings as a nice balance to setting goals for the year. From family time and expanding their businesses, to celebrating life milestones and focusing on charity, see how this year is paced by grateful intentions for 6 personalities from different walks of life.

1. <strong>Lim May Jian</strong>

A focus on goodwill

“I resolve to focus more on helping those in need. I have always been involved in charitable work, however, I now intend to actively pursue this in a more focused and cohesive manner.”

 Growing in love

“I am most excited to build a life together with my husband, enjoying our first year of marriage and the many adventures and travels to come!”

Her approach to 2018

“2018 is meaningful to me as it is the year to focus on new beginnings, adventures and exploring my independent passions and interests.”

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2. <strong>Dexter Lau</strong>

The 3 dimensions to his 2018 resolutions:

“(i) To continue striving for greater heights, in terms of my company KTC

(ii) Build greater memories with my family

(iii) Achieve greater personal goals”

What he's most excited for

“2018 marks the 80th anniversary of KTC and the 3rd year listed as a public company. I’m excited to see KTC’s continued growth. On a personal note, my son turns 1 in 2018 – it’s a new role for me as a father, and it goes without saying that I am extremely excited in my pivotal role for him, my wife and myself.”

This year is most meaningful to him because...

“2018 is the year where I strive to be a better person for my family and as a leader for KTC, the organisation as a whole. I hope to see a multiplication in capacity and delivery, in tandem with my personal growth and the company’s growth.”

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3. <strong>Indah Jonasson</strong>

2018 is dedicated to putting her business plan into motion

“My partner and I are set to launch our bespoke luxury traveling brand Luphoric this month. We’ve been invited to watch the World Cup in Moscow and front row seats to London and New York Fashion Weeks, flown in by private jet. This would be part of our luxury travel destination picks. Our focus will be the Asian market, delivering our clients’ dreams of luxury holidays in style – my dream job!”

She's excited for family adventures, above all

“I’m looking forward to the kids’ school break season, especially since this year I will be able to ski in the Alps after 5 years’ of practice at Niseko, Sapporo. The Alps is the biggest mountain for beginner skiers so it’s going to be amazing!”

 Every year is different and full of surprises

“I always do different things each year, to live my life to fullest. It’s as simple as going to a new holiday destination or moving to a new country or home.”

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4. <strong>Francesca Chia</strong>

Working towards an orderly future

“Be more financially disciplined and plan further for the future.”

 Celebrating family, friends, and feats

“This is year is about family ties and relations. I’m excited about many celebrations of friends getting married, milestone birthdays and steering the growth of GoGet.”

 Counting blessings

“2018 is a meaningful year for Goget because it has built strong foundations from the last 3 years.”

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5. <strong>Zaida Ibrahim</strong>

Sparking and spreading joy from within

“2017 has been the year or learning from failures and finding balance between work & family. In 2018, I want to focus on myself – I used to think that is a selfish thing to do but as I grow older I realised that when we are happy with ourselves, the positive energy and joy spreads to others around us.”

 Identifying the meaning of happiness

“I'm also the happiest I've been with the work that I do. I use ‘happy’ instead of ‘success’ because I want to (be happy) and I know I can push myself to be even more successful. I am very happy as I get to do things I love and am able to make a living from it.

 2018 is about working on her strengths

“I'll be growing @curatedbyzaida by onboarding more female-owned small businesses, and also growing our inhouse brand Curated Co. I'm also looking forward to expanding the reach of my branding and marketing consulting services. These are my strengths and I absolutely love doing them.”


6. <strong>&nbsp;Diane Chia</strong>

Taking into account personal and professional wellbeing

“On a personal level: Making time for myself by meditating regularly, eating and sleeping well, and serious training in specific fitness activities like yoga, kickboxing or wakeboarding!

Career-wise, growing GuavaPass KL and maybe expanding within Malaysia! Maybe even a side project that’s wellness related, of course!”

What she's looking forward to most

“New beginnings. I’ve moved from China to KL, to I don’t know where next!”

 Why this year will be different

“Because I’m spending a lot more time back in KL and truly want to make a difference in the health and wellness space.”

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