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The holy month is filling us with a mixture of nostalgia and appreciation for the festive merriment that comes with Raya. With the celebratory mood just around the corner, we kick-off on a reflective note, speaking to 5 Muslim friends about their best memory of Ramadan.

1. Nurul Zulkifli

“Ramadan to me at a younger age was all about counting the days to the fun preparation for Eid Aidilfitri. As I grow older I realised that Ramadan is more than that, it’s so special as I take it as the time to start all over again! It’s the time to cleanse the heart, mind and body,” divulged the managing director of Mimpikita and our May issue cover girl.

She added, “Before I was married, my mum will always prepare food for everyone, and ensures to cook and bake their favourite food every year. My Ramadan back then was about family get-togethers and bonding over food, and of course I still feel the same way now."

"Two years ago, was the sweetest Ramadan memory ever as I celebrate the birth of my twins, Adam and Noah.  They were born on the 24th day of Ramadan! Now they are almost 2 years old, I try my best to give them the best Ramadan memories, just like how I felt growing up!”

Ramadan is the time to cleanse the heart, mind and body.

2. Dato' Sri Rozita Ramelan

“I can still clearly recall my late mum’s cooking prep scene during Ramadan. The temptations from the delicious aroma, the laughter; nothing but the atmosphere of joy,” declared founder and CEO of Kabinet Privé, an independent multi-brand luxury retailer.

“Everyone in the family gets so excited to see what is in the pot for Iftar. I personally miss her tarts and cookies: they were the best! As for my little sisters, despite complaining about hunger and thirst, they feel pleasure when they break fast and happy to undertake complete devotion to their faith at a very young age.”

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3. Anis Nabilah

We caught up with the acclaimed chef and host of TV show ‘1, 2 – Bakar’ on how she pays it forward during Ramadan: “Some of the best Ramadan memories for me is when I helped cook for hundreds of people for Iftar. I’m part of a big family, growing up, I’ve always had to help in the kitchen, and when I became a chef, most days in the month of Ramadan I’d be the one cooking for my family. I love the feeling I get when I feed a large group rather than a selected few. Ramadan to me is about love, giving back and sharing my cooking.”

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Ramadan to me is about love and giving back.

4. Andre Amir

The menswear style star shares a heartfelt moment during the fasting month, “Ramadan is the time for family. Spending as much time I can, like breaking fast together every weekend, eating mum’s cooking – she knows my favourites! Oh, and spending the last few days with them, rushing to prepare the home and get food ready for Hari Raya."

"My most fond memory would be last year’s Ramadan - it was the last time I’ll ever get to break fast with my late dad. I’m glad that I've made time to be with my family - to see him. This year’s Ramadan may not be the same without my dad, but I still have my mum and other siblings. And I look forward to this year’s Ramadan and to spend more time with them. 

"If you still have your parents and family – this is the moment to spend as much time with them.”

5. Khainina Khalil

The beauty and lifestyle guru gives us a glimpse of Ramadan during her student life, “I’m the last child out of 5 sisters and I never got into any boarding school like my sisters, because I chose not to. So when I entered college during my diploma, it was different. I had to live by myself, clean my clothes, and celebrated Ramadan with friends. I remember the first time my family came all the way to Perak, just to have Iftar together, and how I managed to hide my happy tears. It was such a good memory, I can never forget that.”

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