Watchmaker Hublot has an obsession with football, with legendary player Pelé as one of their ambassadors. When a legend speaks, we listen, so we posed 5 questions. Here is what he had to say.

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On the wide-ranging impact of football… 

“Because of football, we’ve had the opportunity to stop the [Biafran] war in Africa. There was a ceasefire that allowed team Santos to play against Nigeria.”



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On football being run as a business… 

“In the past, people focused more on the game itself. But the business aspect is also very important— there’s big investment in all aspects of football. And unfortunately, someone has to pay the bill.”



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On responsible sponsorship… 

“Beer and alcohol endorsement? These are not good for people or sport. Hublot, on the other hand, tries to support the sport, which is good for the life of many people and their children. Football activities through schools can bring children off the streets.”



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On why Hublot…

“Before I became a Hublot brand ambassador, I didn’t know the brand at all. But I don’t want to support a bad product. Hublot wants to support sport and do charity to help children.”


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On the evolution of football…

“Football training today and in the past is not very different. From 1965 to 1970, the style was more technical. After 1970, it became more physical.”

This story on football legend Pelé is an excerpt from the story "Planet Football" that appeared in the Malaysia Tatler October 2017 issue.

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