Following the original story of motherhood in the age of social media, we speak to doting, newbie mums on their parental journey and the one piece of advice they have for fellow mothers.

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Malisse Tan

“My advice to new mums would be to not let the tough times (physically, mentally and emotionally) that come overwhelm you, and to remember that these times are temporary.  Enjoy life with your little one as much as possible! I personally was not prepared enough in what to expect after giving birth (I was so focused on pregnancy and labour). A lot of it came as a surprise and a lot of learning on the go so sometimes I forgot to enjoy the moments. But as I look back now after a year, I do miss when she is still categorised as a ‘baby’ and realise they really do grow so quickly!”

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Carey Ng

“Go with the flow. Don’t stress yourself with all the information and guidance on the Internet, from other moms, and so on. Trust your instincts! I remember all the stories other mums shared with me before Shae was born, but all the books and advice really kept me informed. When baby Shae was sick the first time, I followed my instincts, breastfed her, constantly took her temperature and referred only to my doctor. I think it helps mums to not stress too much! Relax and your high spirits will help your child’s wellbeing!”

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Jenn Low

“Women have been mothers since the beginning of time, and our bodies and minds are designed to do this. I would say that babies respond best to a calm and happy environment – energy is everything. Happy mummy, happy baby! Discover what you’re happiest with and let your instincts guide you. As a first time parent, don’t be too hard on yourself. Know that you’re doing the best you can, with what you have, at any given point in time. Love your baby but also never forget to love yourself and your marriage. Soak up this beautiful time with your baby, and laugh at mishaps if any, as you’ll never get this precious time again.”

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Datin Sri Eannes Chop

“To educate them in a correct manner and inculcate good mindsets and attitudes.”

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Dr Andrea Lim

"Do what's right for yourself and baby, and don't Google too much."

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