The daughter of Bernard and Dolly Cheong, who’s also a baking and photography enthusiast, shares more on her culinary interests and what to look out for in a good camera.


Cheryl Cheong appears in Singapore Tatler’s October 2016 issue.

In Singapore’s high society circuit, Cheryl Cheong, daughter of Bernard and Dolly Cheong, is hardly an unfamiliar name. Grown up in the public eye, the young and affable lady first made her international society debut at the 2013 Bal des Débutantes in Paris.

Now that she has graduated from the Singapore Management University with a double degree in accounting and business management, she’s busy with an eight-month stint at global communications agency, the PHD Media Worldwide, where she analyses consumer data and report on online and offline behavioural trends. However, we find out it’s her hobbies that keep her grounded.

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We’ve heard you’re into photography. Tell us more.
Cheryl Cheong I enjoy taking photos and I do take a lot of shots but I wouldn’t say I’m a serious photographer who’s really into the technicalities of photography. But when I take pictures of my baked goods and ice creams to post onto my Facebook page and website, I can be fairly serious in finding the best lighting.

What are the features you look out for in a camera?
Cheong I tend to look for cameras that are relatively small and easy to carry around for daily use. A definite must-have feature is interchangeable lenses. I use a micro 4/3 camera, which has a relatively small body but large enough sensor.

I go for models with viewfinders. Although I do refer to the screen like a point-and-shoot camera, I still find that viewfinders help me to focus on the shot and compose a good photograph.

The positioning of the camera buttons is also important so that I can switch between different settings (like ISO, aperture, white balance and exposure) quickly without missing any important snaps. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with a Leica Q. I love the colours and bokeh (out of focus) effect it produces. Every photo comes out beautifully.

What are your tips on capturing Instagram-worthy photos?
Cheong Remember the rule of thirds and ensure that the lighting is nothing short of fantastic. Avoid high ISO because your photos will become too “noisy”, and always have your camera in hand, ready to shoot! The best moments are oftentimes fleeting.

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What are you most passionate about?
Currently, my greatest passion is still baking. While I enjoy cooking, baking seems to be more like a treat because I don’t get to eat desserts every day! The science behind baking intrigues me too, like how different ingredients react with each other to give you a perfectly moist and fluffy cake—or not.

My latest obsession has to be making my own ice cream and my dream is to set up my own shop one day. It gives me joy to see my friends enjoying my labour of love.

What has been your proudest moment so far?
Cheong As simple as it sounds, I think it’s graduating from university as a double degree student with Summa Cum-Laude. I didn’t think I was able to achieve that, but when I did, I was glad because it made my parents so happy and proud.

Photography: Darren Gabriel Leow
Hair and make-up: Marjorie Teo-Aldridge using Label.M, at S Salon and Dior.