We speak to three different figures in society who love Christmas, as they reveal how they typically spend this festive occasion.

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Elizabeth Marini

What do you love about the year-end celebrations?

I love everything about them. But mostly the nostalgia and warmth that it brings to the whole family. Preparations leading to Christmas are always exciting, as even the kids are involved in our ‘naughty or nice’ name list and gift selections.

What’s a typical Christmas like for you?

Christmas is always with family. Relatives from here and far usually return from wherever they are just to be close to loved ones. We’ve been engrained to know that family time during Christmas and New Year’s is important. Modesto and I usually host the Christmas day dinner and party continues over to Boxing day! Last Christmas, even the pool was bathed with champagne…that’s how crazy the party goes.

What are some of your favourite activities to do during Christmas?

I have a big family and our guest list goes to up to more than 50 pax usually. So everyone brings a gift and we play Secret Santa. It does get loud but that’s the point of year-end celebrations.

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<em><strong>Jeff Ramsey</strong></em>

What do you love about the year-end celebrations?

The fact that my restaurant is busy and that the year end buzz is so much fun with all that holiday cheer and merriment!

What do you look forward to during Christmas?

I love gifting. I love finding the gifts that just really match the people for whom they are given.  I think it's a special thing to give, more so than to receive!

What are some of your favourite foods during Christmas?

For me, making twists to the Holiday Classics is lots of fun. We make a Spiced wine at Babe that is hot on the left side of your mouth, and cold on the right side of your mouth! A crazy sensation!

What’s so special about this festive period?

It goes beyond religions and borders. It's something that everyone on the planet can relate to and celebrate.

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Dato' Sri Jeffrey Raymond

What’s a typical Christmas like for you? 

I cannot put my finger on what a typical Christmas is for my family and me as it changes from year to year. However, if I were to describe a typical Christmas for my family over last 8 years, we would all usually gather at my house on Christmas eve and then do the countdown towards the actual day itself. I also enjoy all the little kids running to the Christmas tree and grabbing their presents and tearing them open at breakneck speed.

What are some of your favourite foods/activities to do during Christmas?

The Traditional foods of Christmas prepared by my wife, such as Turkey, and a slew of dishes for the kids.

What’s so special about this festive period in your opinion?  

This festive period is an extra special one for me and my family, as we welcome the addition of another grandchild, and after two grandsons, we now have our first Granddaughter.


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