The CEO and founder of the Spa Esprit Group lets us in on the Spa Esprit Arts fund and her passion for supporting lesser known artists. 


What do you aim to achieve with the $100,000 you have set aside for the Spa Esprit Arts fund? 

I love all types of art and feel that art, in all its forms, should be ingrained into our daily lives. With the Spa Esprit Arts fund, I hope to create unique exhibitions to give Singaporeans the opportunity to get acquainted with emerging global artist. Through my travels, I often come across amazing and unusual arts “representatives” and I hope to introduce their works in Singapore to enrich the cultural landscape here. I have always wanted to use Asia as an exchange for artists. There are many platforms in the Spa Esprit Group which can be used for showcasing these works. I also hope to showcase in Paris some of the Asian artists I've come across. This possibilities for the exchange of creative talents across different cities excite me. Presenting art in a non-intimidating way is the best way to make it accessible to a wider audience. 

Which artists intrigue you?  

David Hockney, Thomas Jorion, and David Ledoux are some of the artist that perk my interest but there are so many talented, creative individuals out there just waiting to be discovered. I am so excited about the endless possibilities and I love the fact that there are still so many artists, techniques and mediums that we've yet to experience.

'Holiday Picture' by David Ledoux

The Tippling Club is currently hosting an exhibition of artworks from renowned French photographer David Ledoux. How did this collaboration with David Ledoux come about?

I chanced upon David's works in Paris and I like how he made a photograph look look like painting. I connected with the pieces. He is always recreating and bursting with ideas. He challenges himself to think of ways to express his photography in very unique ways. I like how he keeps pushing himself to stretch the known boundaries in photography. 

Art is…

An individual expression. It comes in many different forms and it intrigues, provokes, and creates an emotional reaction. Most importantly, it makes you feel excited and alive when you experience it.

15 pieces of artworks from David Ledoux will exhibit from now till 1st March at the Tippling Club. 38 Tanjong Pagar Road. Tel: 6475 2217

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