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The stories of industry figureheads have given new meaning to success, in their endeavours for a better society, a progressive economy, and even inner peace. But achieving something big and impactful also comes with a lot of self-discipline and a constant drive to grow.

Often times, we look to accomplished individuals as guiding lights in our day-to-day life. Hence, we took it 1 step further by speaking to 6 highly successful personalities, on the positive thoughts that keep them ahead in the game. Find out what they are, or even if you share similar habits.


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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Be positive in solving problems and challenges. It will help us become better. For any problem or challenge, there will be a solution. Sometimes you cannot find the perfect answer for every problem but you will find the best for that situation.

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Give Your Best Shot

You have nothing to lose in going that extra mile for any given job. Give your best, work hard and smart. Do not have a lackadaisical attitude in carrying out your duties. Always practice self-discipline and be proud of your work.

Be comfortable in uncertainty. Life is so unpredictable that there is no point worrying too much about the future.
Joel Neoh
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Eat The Frog First

Always do the hardest thing first. Every day, I list out my priorities, and always move my most difficult task to the top of the list. If you don't do that, you push it to the next day.

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Walk The Talk

If you have an idea, execute it rather than just talk about it. Back when I was in my 20's, there were many friends with ideas who did not follow through to get started. The only difference in university was that I took it to the next step, went to the company registrar, set up the company, and it's been more than 10 years now, for me as an entrepreneur. Never once have I looked back.

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Wear Their Shoes

Seek to understand, then be understood. When dealing with clients and colleagues alike, I make sure that they are heard. I'll sincerely offer a listening ear to every single one of them, and then begin to make sure our combined needs are met.

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The Silver Linings

Problems and challenges will always come our way. Sometimes we need to change the way we look at the problem. It can sometimes be turned into oppotunities which will no longer be a problem. I always approach situations with an open mind and tackle issues the best way I can and sometimes, with some help from the people around me. It's also important that we face challenges in life as that's the only way for us to learn and grow.

Always persevere and never give up. The biggest differentiator between success and failure is simply perseverance.
Patrick Grove
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120th Time's the Charm

Tony Robbins once said that "Success is buried on the other side of rejections". It took 120 'no's from investors for us just to get a single 'yes' for iflix, so the quote truly reminds me to keep on going, despite all the rejections.

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F for Fundamentals

For balance, I make sure that all the 6F's in my life are in good health: Finances, Family, Friends, Fitness, Figureheads and Fun. Keeping my 6F's in check has been fundamental to me as an entrepreneur, especially at the speed that we're going. In expanding my perspective, I always ask myself big questions. Regardless of whether I achieve it or not, it's really a good practise and challenge in problem-solving.

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Accelerating and Navigating

As an entrepreneur, I alternate between accelerating and navigating. I'm accelerating when I'm within the business, developing new products and systems, but every now and then, I disappear from the business for navigation. I travel for new visions and new areas to explore. Navigation is the compass that ensures you are pointing at the right direction.

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Big Minds, Big Things

I bring out the best in people by inspiring them to do big things. It's leadership through inspiring vision rather than leadership through management. I believe the best people do not need to be managed. They are already powerful, strong and solid. What they want is a way to channel this power towards changing the world. I try to ensure that everybody who works with me have big, bold visions that they can pursue, which bring out the best in them.

Be who you want to be, not who others want you to be. We're given a limited time on this wonderful little blue and green planet. Let's not waste it by merely conforming to the expectation of others.
Datin Sri Sharifah Menyalara Hussein
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People, First and Last

I like to build good relationships with people, both professionally and personally, and practise kindness, compassion and understanding. I'm naturally personable, and enjoy meeting, talking to and learning from people from all walks of life.

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Don't Run Without Milestones

I set personal and professional milestones for myself. They define my mission and help me focus. At the same time, these milestones are realistic and practical. They are goals that will either bring me professional progress and satisfaction, or a personal sense of achievement.

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