Another year, another Malaysia Tatler Ball. Last Saturday, on November 4, we witnessed the seamless execution of what is dubbed 'the party of the year' in celebration of Malaysia Tatler's 28th anniversary. Joyous laughter, sentimental reunions and exuberant dancing aside, here are some snippets of the best moments and things that truly captivated us this time around.

1. <strong>The photowall, which had guests queuing dutifully and tidily</strong>

We watched on in fond amusement as guests automatically moved on to the steadily growing line of people waiting to get their photos taken at the famed photowall, as per the Tatler Ball tradition. Safe to say, it is by far the most photographed section at the ball.

2. <strong>The wonderful menu, and Malaysia Tatler's 28th birthday cake</strong>

Palate teasers included Duck Foie Gras Confit, Seared "Hokkaido" Scallop & Butternut Pumpkin Velouté, Trou Normand, Australian Wagyu Tenderloin, Slow Cooked Atlantic Black Cod Fish and Chocolate & Hazelnut for dessert. A separate menu was also cooked up to cater to our vegetarian guests. 

At the front, close to stage, the Tatler cake sat for all eyes to see. Whimsical and embellished with our signature 'T', it also had prints of our most recent covers on it.

3. <strong>More queues at the 321 Freeze photobooth</strong>

Step aside, Boomerang and GIFs, here was something new at the ball this time around. The 321 Freeze photobooth, which featured a bespoke design for Tatler, had 12 cameras fired at once in 2 seconds to generate a 3D video. It had our guests sharing the video all over their social media. As a bonus, photos were also printed for them on the spot.

Here's one by Levy Li (@levyli) and gang. Click play, and you'll see what we mean!  

4. <strong>Guests got 'framed' by Samsung's The Frame TV&nbsp;</strong>

Right after their venture to the 321 Freeze photobooth, guests flocked to Samsung's booth, where they had their photographs taken and immediately displayed on The Frame TV. 

Here's a shot by Datin Winnie Loo and Marion Caunter at Samsung's The Frame TV section.  

5. <strong>Sleek and sexy Infiniti cars enticed automobile enthusiasts</strong>

For what it's worth, it is not only because the Infiniti cars were in red and that's why they were striking, but because lights bounced off its pristine exterior, and invited to come and take multiple shots in it.

6. <strong>The Hennessy Bar kept the fun going</strong>

From the moment our guests had entered the foyer after registration, they were treated to exclusive cocktails, shots and drinks, courtesy of Hennessy. Drinks kept on coming, and so did the fun, which lasted all the way until 2am. Signature drinks included ones inspired by Lo Hon Ko (or Luo Han Guo), which was the Grosvenorii, and red dates and aloe vera

7. <strong>Flower power by Spring Cottage</strong>

The ballroom was stunning, thanks to floral arrangements done up by the Spring Cottage crew. The team had assembled hours before the event to put together centerpieces and decorations that lit up the entire space.

8. <strong>The performers were talented children from Dancesteps Studio, who danced their way into guests' hearts</strong>

They started off our evening with a captivating and enthusiastic performance, mentored by Shirena Hamzah and Clara Lim. 

9. <strong>The awards presentation was the highlight of all highlights</strong>

We look forward to recognising talent and contributions to society each year at the Tatler Ball, and this year was no different. We offer our congratulations once more to our big winners:

Diamond Award: Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman
Entrepreneur Par Excellence: Joel Neoh
Woman on the Rise: Nadia Nasimuddin
Force for Good: Ganesh Muren
Couple of the Year: Dato’ James Jaafar-Greaves & Tunku Datin Myra Madihah

Winners took home Lalique trophies and gifts from Cortina WatchTiffany & CoFendiLanvin and Club 21.

10. <strong>The Malaysia Tatler selfie light hoarded the attention of our guests</strong>

This was easily one of the best parts of the ball – when guests took their places at the table, to find a selfie light waiting for them. The result was instantaneous. They took out their phones and started snapping away!

11. <strong>The scenic space of Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur's ballroom made the Malaysia Tatler Ball 2017 yet another memorable one</strong>

Every year, Malaysia Tatler partners up with Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur, who ensured that everything from start to finish was especially curated to our vision, and our guests. 

12. <strong>Last but not least, guests walked home with lovely gifts from Lanc&ocirc;me and FWC Connoisseurs&nbsp;</strong>

We wouldn't have wanted our guests to leave our ball empty-handed! Their registration cards worked as a redemption card for their door gifts, courtesy of Lancôme Absolue Eye Precious Cells (their all-new addition to the Absolue range), and FWC Connoisseurs (cigars for the gents). 

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