Hong Kong It girl Feiping Chang, or Fei as she’s known to friends, is getting ready to tie the knot with financier Lincoln Li on June 17, 2017. We'll be covering Fei and Lincoln’s sure-to-be-gorgeous nuptials in Capri, Italy in real time on our Instagram account, @hongkongtatler.  But first, here are 10 facts you may not have known about the couple: 

1. The couple met at their mutual friend Ivan Pun’s party on a weekend in Burma in 2014.

2. Their first kiss took place on the second night of said Burma party.

3. Fei can still remember the butterflies she had when they had their first date.

4. Lincoln knew it was real love when Fei made her signature spaghetti bolognese for him, and Fei knew when she couldn’t fall asleep without him next to her.

5. Lincoln proposed in New Zealand on Lake Taupo, recreating the infamous lake scene from Fei’s favourite movie, The Notebook. As life is not a movie, once the couple started rowing, the ducks sourced by Lincoln and placed in the lake started to swim away. Needless to say, it was a proposal full of laughter. 

6. The couple became homebodies after they started dating, enjoying weekends at home and binge watching their favourite shows, The Amazing Race and Survivor.


Photo: Hong Kong Tatler

7. Fei’s favourite thing about Lincoln is his analytical mind, and Lincoln’s favourite thing about Fei is her dedication to detail.

8. Fei loves to come up with pet names for Lincoln according to her mood, while Lincoln sticks to calling her “Xixi.”

9. Lincoln wants to start a family as big as a football team with 11 kids, and Fei thinks they should perhaps start with one.

10. The couple’s favourite country is Italy. Lincoln loves the rustic honesty of the South and Fei loves the beauty and culture of the whole country. It’s no wonder they chose Capri as the location to tie the knot and celebrate their love.

Photo: Hong Kong Tatler

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