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Check out what our Tatler friends have been up to this week:

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Dara Huang

Dara Huang of Design Haus Liberty kicks off our round up this week with a message of positivity, urging her followers to treat each other with kindness and respect during these trying times.

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Christopher Owen

We love a good pun! Caption king Christopher Owen and wife Victoria Tang-Owen hike away from the crowds this week with their son Rocco, branding themselves part of the "Anti Social, Social Distancing Club".

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Lynn Hsieh

Spending her time in isolation wisely, Lynn Hsieh gives us a behind the scenes look at her newest work of art.

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Barney Cheng

Staying light hearted in times like these is the key. Couturier Barney Cheng shows off a cute reusable Shiba mask that he made in his workshop.

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Kayla Wong

Anyone that has ever moved house knows how chaotic and tiring it can be. Comfortable clothes are essential. Kayla Wong nails moving day attire in comfy overalls and a white t-shirt.

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Harris Chan

Creative director and deputy CEO of Moiselle, Harris Chan makes Yvonne Fong his muse for the day at the Simon Lee Gallery in Hong Kong.

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Calvin Wang

Calvin Wang looks like he could be the third member of French duo Daft Punk in this picture perfect selfie from Sankt Moritz. 


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Peter Yuill

Hong Kong based Canadian artist, Peter Yuill autographs his new works ahead of his solo exhibition entitled "Alignment" at House Studio and Gallery HZ in Hong Kong.

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Patricia Tung-Gaw

Contrary to popular belief, Patricia Tung-Gaw spends most of her day hunched over a laptop working. Here, she lets us in on her favourite exercises that keep her feeling healthy.

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Irene Kim

Ending this week's round up on a high, we give you Irene Kim who is making all our floral fantasies come to life ahead of a TV appearance in Korea.

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