As part of Landmark’s ‘A Year Of Something New’ campaign, celebrity mom and founder of The Honest Company Jessica Alba joined master chef Richard Ekkebus, Tatler 500 lister Sharie Ross-Tse, Generation T lister Luke Grana and our very own Chief Content Officer and Managing Director of Edipresse Media, Sean Fitzpatrick, for a lively panel discussion last Friday, June 1. Held in front of an audience of 800 guests, the panelists discussed topics ranging from health and work-life balance to sustainability. It’s no coincidence that the event was held just a few days before World Environment Day (June 5), and to celebrate that, we’ve distilled the Forum discussion into five key takeaways on how you can help save the earth:

1. Jessica Alba

"Read labels. Know what you’re bringing in your home. Know what ingredients you should probably avoid because what you put on your body, what you clean your home with and what you put in and around your baby doesn't just affect your health but goes down the drain into the ocean.

Synthetic fragrances, dyes, it actually does poison the ocean, animals and plant life over time. So it doesn’t only do yourself harm but it does harm to others."

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2. Luke Grana

"Buy quality over quantity. At Grana, we talk about cost per wear. You could buy a fast fashion product for US$20 that you only wear four times, or you could buy a luxury garment for US$200 dollars that you wear 100 times. So the cost per wear goes from five dollars down to two. It's about quality over quantity and choosing products made to last."

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3. Richard Ekkebus

"Stop buying plastic bottled water for the simple reason that in HK only, we produce about 5.2 million plastic bottles a day, which is unsustainable. Every single piece of plastic that’s been produced over the last 100 years is still (in some shape or form) on this planet.

These plastic particles break down into microparticles and they end up in our food chain. So, I think that's one of the most important things where people have to start: get yourself a good filter system or filterable jar. Water should not be transported from Tuscany to Hong Kong anymore."

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4. Sharie Ross-Tse

"Empower yourself with knowledge about what you need to do in order to live a more active lifestyle. Ultimately, invest in health—it’s your one biggest luxury."

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5. Landmark

At the end of the forum, Landmark announced their new lunch box initiative where if you bring your own lunch box or mug to any one of Landmark’s participating restaurants and cafes, you'll receive a HK$5 discount on the takeaway order, and they’ll also donate HK$5 to The Green Earth organisation.

Promotion runs from June 15-30, 2018.

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