TCM expert Wai Yuen Tong shares insight into the most effective summer heat remedies

Summer may be synonymous to fun—planning holiday trips, shopping for trendy swimwear, tasting our way through the best afternoon teas—but it’s also a season of heat, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Often attributed to environmental factors, excessive heat can be the cause of health issues, especially when combined with humidity in cities like Hong Kong.

We sought advice from Vivian Tang, the executive director of Wai Yuen Tong for tips on the best TCM products to minimise the impact of heat and keep our body balanced.

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Summer is said to be the most yang time of the year, how can TCM help us balance our body’s qi?

The one thing that Chinese doctors always focus on is “balance our yin yang and cultivate good health from the inner body”. Summer is believed to be the most yang time of the year and we all need to harvest yin to make sure we don’t get sick easily.

There are many different ways to do this with TCM nowadays as there are everyday supplements or raw Chinese concoctions to suit various purposes. Personally, I would recommend dendrobium or American ginseng for tea or soup making. Whenever I travel or have a busy work schedule, I just take our Engender fluid capsule.

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What’s the best way to combat the humidity of Hong Kong from a TCM perspective?

Hong Kong summer is certainly not everyone’s favourite time of the year. The heat wave, the extreme humidity and going in and out of air conditioning places can take a toll on our body. Chinese doctors believe that if our inner body is too damp, we will feel dizzy and tired easily, which can lead to sickness that takes a long time to recover.

During summer, I tend to work out a lot to make sure I get a good sweat and a warm shower to calm and rest my mind. But it’s important to remember that it’s easier to get infected by bacteria in humid weather, so I’d suggest taking  TCM such as Lingzi to boost my immune system and overall health. I also drink instant TCM powder mix to clear the inner damp and disperse the heat.

What are the benefits of taking TCM from a young age?

Many people splurge on skincare, makeup or hair treatment that promise instant results. Then I often wonder what if people could see through the changes in their inner organs for the years to come when signs of ageing and sickness begin to show.

TCM is about promoting overall health, disease prevention and boosting the body’s ability to heal to achieve long-term living wellness. So don’t envy the harvest of the healthiness. Envy their planting.

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How does Wai Yuen Tong adapt to seasonal changes when it comes to recommending the best TCM for its customers?

Everybody is unique and our health needs in every stage and season vary, therefore our brand, “The Sun”, has always been working hard to invest in customers’ constant changes and needs.

Compared to three years ago, we have extended our renowned products by 20%. I can say we have ideal products for summer and winter to cater for different age groups. With our diversified product range and the largest TCM retail chain network with full-time Chinese doctors onsite, our customers to ask and understand what would be the most befitting health booster or treatment for them.

In fact, one of the core philosophies of Chinese Medicine focuses on each unique individual’s overall health. A great example is our champion product Young Yim Pills, which is made of a super vitamin with 30 different beneficial natural herbs to nurture our everyday basic needs.

How can we protect the skin from dehydration and losing its glow in the heat?

First I make sure I eat a lot of greens, drink plenty of water, get quality sleep every day and exercise well to ensure my body is performing at optimal to combat the challenging weather.

When your overall well-being is good and balanced, the glow will come naturally. I also take our raw cordyceps pill and Energy Plus+ drink daily which have been proven to be the best natural intake for anti-ageing.

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