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Rockwell Atletica opens its doors to club members looking to stay fit while staying safe

In these unpredictable times, assurance has become something of a gold standard, especially among industries hard-hit by the pandemic. But while trust is oftentimes taken for granted, it's not a concept that Rockwell Atletica takes lightly. 

"We've spared no expense in re-configuring [Rockwell Atletica] to be more conducive to social distancing and investing in technology, guaranteeing proper sanitation daily," Beaver Lopez, President of Rockwell Club, says. "We want our community to continue to stay active without the fear of infection." 

Their meticulous step-by-step processes are an obvious testament to the commitment they have of helping you keep fit and stay safe. In fact, their protocol goes above and beyond what most other establishments follow. For example, their online booking system allows people to reserve a slot at the gym one day prior to the schedules they wish to take. Unavailable intervals between slots are dedicated for disinfection using electrostatic spray guns and state-of-the-art ultraviolet light cleaning solutions. All of these ensure that every surface is free of any droplets. 

Concerns about air ventilation needn't be fretted over as their air conditioner unit is installed with an ioniser and filtration panel to ensure that the air within the gym is always fresh. Windows will also be opened for added air circulation while dedicated housekeeping staff inspect real-time cleaning during workout sessions to ensure that no equipment is shared without first being sanitised. The very same staff also undergo regular rapid tests and are supplied with PPE. 

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Of course, that's not the only new update Rockwell Atletica has for its members. Manol Ereñeta, their Club Manager, says: "We put a lot of effort into making our gym fun and dynamic place to visit. Our attention to detail and focus on customer experience are reflected in our selection of exercise equipment, scientific approach to training, and beyond ordinary service. Whether you're a newbie, seasoned athlete, or anything in between, we guarantee you'll feel right at home!" 

To deliver on this promise, they've also invested in Technogym products; these boast solid functionality and sleek design. Their holistic lineup of group classes, personal training sessions, and physiotherapy are also great choices for members who want to level up their usual routine. 

In these unprecedented times, it's more important than ever to stay healthy — and this means keeping safe but also putting our fitness as number one priority. Thankfully that's much easier to do with Rockwell Atletica!

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