The media personality with an addiction to fitness reveals the athletic Pilates exercises she swears by for endless energy and her enviably lean figure, in an afternoon at Inhale Exhale Pilates Studio.

We all know Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim as that multitalented celebrity, whose accolades range from bubbly TV and radio personality, singer, Instagram darling, and as a real-life princess, by marriage to Tunku Jamie Nadzimuddin. We don’t need to mention that this Irish-Malay beauty has not aged a day since she started in showbiz. On the contrary, she couldn’t look any better, her lean and graceful figure overflowing with energy as she welcomed us into Inhale/Exhale Pilates Studio, the cosy venue where she trains regularly with instructor Elaine Tan.

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Long before fitness became trendy, Che Puan Sarimah was already dabbling in various exercises, in particular Pilates since 2009. The karate devotee even trained to be a Pilates instructor. “I take a holistic approach in everything I do – I like doing things that are dynamic and relaxing, so I can focus,” She shared, before kicking into Pilates mode for our Fitness Kickstart video shoot.

Che Puan Sarimah is naturally inclined to workout 5-6 times weekly, and since Pilates reformer exercises stabilises the vigours of boxing and gym, it has become a mainstay to her programme. As a core-centric workout, Pilates works on strengthening the form and posture – perfect for Sarimah’s line of work.

“I’m in heels a lot, and when you’re in them, you’re sort of tilted forward and pull on your back a lot. Pilates helped strengthen my back muscles, enabling me to perform better at work, box better, and accomplish everything else in between,” she explained of its fundamental benefits.

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Beside the chiselled abs and stronger posture, Che Puan Sarimah credits her inner wellbeing and happiness to Pilates, too. “A strong torso and upper back is really important, and regular Pilates has helped with that and reduces pain. Mental wise, I feel more happier and relaxed,” she revealed.

 Now that you know her fitness secrets, give her favourite Pilates moves a go.

Take up Sarimah’s energising athletic Pilates challenge:

1. Pike (Feet against shoulder rests)
2. Single leg pike (Feet against shoulder rests)
3. Back split
4. Pike (Feet on shoulder rests)
5. Knee stretches
6. Triceps (Kneeling on long box)
7. Lift & lower (Feet in straps)
8. Leg circles (Feet in straps)

1. Pike with Trapeze
2. Push-Thru with Feet

15-20 reps per exercise, for 2-3 sets.
Rest between sets is less than a minute. Breaks between exercises for 2-3 minutes.

1. Spread eagle
2. Walkover

2-6 reps, for a set

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