The co-founder of Flycycle talks adding variety to his fitness playground with a brand new outlet, and the total body workout he swears by when away from the gym.

For the past 6 months, Jason Choong has been working tirelessly on a new endeavour, Flyproject, the first offshoot of his trendy spinning club, Flycycle. For someone who started with modest expectations, he hadn’t expected his first concept to fly off the charts. The next step was only natural: Raising a fitness community via Flyproject.

“We wanted to create a place for people to make friends,” Jason rationalised, when we popped in on Flyproject’s first week. “Instead of the usual happy hour and clubbing setting, we thought, why not offer an option of workouts at various Flyproject outlets, to foster friendships in a more natural and safer environment?” Jason shared, as he led us through the buzzy space, accented with marble, concrete and neon detail.

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Flyproject offers its devotees variety – beyond cycling, there are now Fight and Lab studios, the former offering boxing and technic-based classes, and the latter, a space for functional and restorative workouts like high intensity training, yoga, hip hop, and barre.

What sets these typical workouts apart is the exhilarating role of music and sophisticated lighting. “It really helps that the music inspires you to keep going. Even though you’re really tired, music and the lighting effects transport you to your own zone,” Jason described, leading us into a fully-booked boxing class of fervent students, punching and prowling to infectious beats.

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Although maintaining Flycycle and expanding Flyproject takes up Jason’s life now, he couldn’t look fitter and more energetic. His fitness routine revolves around Flyproject and a bit of weight lifting, but frequent travels often take him away from the equipment. 

“I tend to do a lot of hotel workouts. They are total-body workouts, because you don’t want to overdevelop in certain areas,” advised the vigilant fitness junkie. “A total body workout helps me stay in good posture, and the best thing is, this workout is gender-friendly,” Jason explained.

Jason’s total body workout

1 Minute each of:

  1. Pushups
  2. Burpees
  3. Mountain climbers
  4. Lunges
  5. High knees

Rest 45 seconds between workout intervals


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