In this Fitness Kickstart series, the publicist shares about the powerful workout that ignited his journey back to health and gave him a new-found body confidence.

Above Amri Rahim tells how spinning changed his attitude towards fitness, and fast-tracked him on the road to recovery from diabetes.

In every human ‘beast' on the bike, is a goal-getter running their own race. Amri Rahim, frequent spinner at Aloha Cycle Club, resonates every inch of this outlook,  with a life-changing story to tell. Some time after Chinese New Year of 2017, the PR guy of nineteensevensix was admitted into hospital for type 1 diabetes. Rather than descend into depression, Amri chose to rethink his food and fitness choices. He started by walking around his house, and before he knew it, he found an unlikely obsession with cycling, that escalated in his first half marathon.

It was at Aloha Cycle Club where Amri found his support system, the community that jumpstarted his recovery. We caught up with the fitness convert on his addiction for heart-pumping rides.

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What was the major hurdle you had to overcome to get fit and healthy?

“It was my body issues- turned-insecurity about working out in public. Making the decision to sign up for a gym and join group classes was a bit of a challenge to me. I was really uncomfortable in my own skin.”

Of all the workouts, what is it about spinning you can’t get enough of?

“Honestly, it’s the crowd I spin with – they’re all a bit mental. That makes spinning fun but also the combination of having good music thrown in with a little dance moves: there’s never a monotonous session!”

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How often do you hit the bikes?

“I clock in 3 classes a week. While it has helped with my body goals, it’s given me the mental and physical strength to do everything well. Now, it’s about maintaining that and staying active every day. It also means eating well and taking care of my mental health.” 

What do you love most about the new body that spinning has given you?

“Getting into this physique has given me the ability to do other things and the confidence for exploring new activities. Before this I was scared of running. A year ago, if you told me I’ll be running my first half marathon in a year's time, I’d roll around the floor in laughter. But in April, I ran for Hospis Malaysia and never felt so good.” 

For when you need the extra push on the bike, what do you tell yourself?

“Whether it’s spinning or running, my goal is to do it to the best of my ability and to always challenge myself to do better each time. Even when I ride on a normal day in class, that’s what I try to do. I make sure I finish it, and get a good workout out of it.”

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