Improve your game while getting fit on your very own tailor-made tennis wellness holiday at One&Only Desaru Coast

Nestled amid lush rainforest and against the gentle murmur of the Desaru Coast waves is the astounding One&Only Desaru Coast, located on the southeast coastline of Malaysia. Hailed as one of the country’s most anticipated premium integrated destination resort, One&Only boasts unrivalled offerings, a breathtaking collection of luxury suites, and a crowning villa, all inspired by the beauty and traditions of Malaysia's enchanting southeast.

Aside from being the perfect retreat from city busy living, the luxurious resort is also home to world-class sports facilities and the first Chenot Spa in Asia. Chenot Spa boasts leading science-based health and beauty experts who have been at the forefront of the industry for almost 50 years. It’s where a meld of science-based treatments and the best in alternative wellness practices come together for an ultimate transformative retreat.

With a special focus on the key pillars of Sport & Physical Activities, Emotional Wellbeing, Nutrition, and Aesthetics, guests will benefit from select elements of the renowned Chenot Method - a research-driven framework for achieving optimum health.

Taking One&Only Desaru Coast’s Tatler Exclusive 3D2N tennis wellness retreat for a spin is friend of Tatler Malaysia Datin Sabrena Khalid, who is known for her unwavering commitment to leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Having started her fitness journey almost 10 years ago, Datin Sabrena thrives on working out and continues to challenge herself.

Kick off your One&Only Desaru Coast tennis wellness retreat with a bespoke wellness experience at Chenot Spa, designed to promote a strong and healthy mind and body. Through its Postural and Movement Assessment, your assigned therapist will be able to test the curvatures of your spine, the mobility of your joints, the balance and strength of your body, as well as the weak links in the muscle chains.

Following a preliminary set of diagnostics, the spa professionals will deliver an integrated and highly personalised treatment tailored to your individual needs to leave you fully charged and brimming with vitality.

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“It was so important for me to undergo the Postural and Movement Assessment which evaluated my mobility and strength, to enable me to focus on fixing my weakness and strengthening certain parts so that I can function better at sports,” Sabrena gushed happily after experiencing the invigorating Chenot Detox Body Massage, which aids in facilitating the elimination of toxins by the use of manual techniques with suction cups.

Then, it’s time to swing into action – literally.

Tatler Asia
Above One&Only's resident tennis coach is ever ready to help you sharpen your tennis skills

One&Only Desaru Coast spared no expense at ensuring that they’re fully equipped to host a slew of activities that you'll love. With three state-of-the-art tennis and padel courts located amidst unspoiled nature at Club One, making for an idyllic playground, and through the much-raved-about tailored sessions with One&Only's tennis coach, you'll be able to perfect your stroke, posture, and other aspects of play.

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A GPTCA (Global Professional Tennis Coach Association) ATP Certified International Coach and a resident tennis pro at One&Only Desaru Coast, the coach boasts an impressive resume, having competed professionally in Macedonia and Europe. “He was really attentive in helping me take my game to new heights regardless of my level. The tennis lesson that I had with him was amazing! Besides, it’s not every day that you get to train with a pro,” Sabrena shared.

Safe to say, aspiring tennis pros are in good hands, match point and beyond.

What’s an all-round tennis wellness retreat without comfort foods that nourish your body, for a glow that comes from within? Specially curated for this package by One&Only Desaru Coast’s all-star culinary team are delectable meals, best savoured as you admire the spectacular vast skies and listen to the gentle whisper of the nearby ocean waves, and experience the essence of coastal living.

Carefully designed to work in synergy with the treatment offering at Chenot Spa, the Bio-Light diet is designed to maximise the body’s functions and restore hormonal balance, ideal for restoring energy levels and optimising metabolism. Based on scientific research, the selection, processing, and cooking techniques are used to ensure a balance of nutrients without compromising taste, flavour, and presentation.

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“As someone who loves to guiltlessly indulge in my food, I’m such a huge fan of the Bio-Light meals which were surprisingly tasty. It’s for certain that One&Only Desaru Coast has put a huge amount of thought and energy into perfecting their tennis wellness retreat!” Sabrena said.

With a personalised and customised service from your Chenot Spa assessment to the moment you set foot on the tennis courts, coupled with first-class coaching from the resident tennis coach, One&Only Desaru Coast’s Tatler Exclusive tennis wellness retreat will allow you to perfect your game whilst giving you the chance to explore the stunning resort and have a fantastic, exhilarating holiday.

To enjoy One&Only Desaru Coast’s Tatler Exclusive tennis wellness retreat, e-mail One&Only Desaru Coast or call +607 878 3400, and mention booking code 'TATLERTENNIS' to make your reservation. The package will be available until Jan 31, 2022.

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