Vivian Tang, executive director of Wai Yuen Tong tells us how the brand makes TCM relevant to the younger generations

Above Video: Tyrone Wu/Hong Kong Tatler

In fast-paced Hong Kong, it's not hard to see why time-short professionals are looking for ways to prolong health and beauty. While modern technology continues to redefine the medical and beauty industry, health is a lifelong investment that requires more than short-term results.

That is when traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) comes in. Hong Kong-based TCM specialist Wai Yuen Tong believes in targeting the root of every health problem with natural ingredients sourced from the best origins, which can be consumed daily for as long as possible, without any harmful side effects.

In this video, we talked to Vivian Tang, the executive director of Wai Yuen Tong about her tips on achieving beauty from within using Chinese herbal ingredients. 

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Photography: Moses Ng/Hong Kong Tatler  | Location: The Pottinger Hong Kong

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