There has never been a better time to learn about the importance of self-care. While self-care can be as simple as going for a walk or meditating in your own home, seeking professional advice or treatment can help those of us who are just starting our self-care journey. From an oxygen therapy to a sky-high facial treatment, we present you five very good reasons to give yourself a dose of self-care

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Forest Therapy at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

To surround yourself in a place as calming as the forest may seem out of reach in Hong Kong, but you can now experience the same peacefulness with a forest-inspired therapy at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. 

Let yourself soak up the forest-like atmosphere at The Mandarin Spa and enjoy a Forest Therapy treatment featuring Aromatherapy Associates’ Forest Therapy essential oil, which begins with a guided inhalation followed by a tension releasing body massage. 

Afterwards, indulge in a relaxing Forest Afternoon Tea at Clipper Lounge or Café Causette, which includes special green tea flavoured baked scones paired with the hotel’s famed rose petal jam and Devon clotted cream.

5 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong, +852 2522 0111,

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Oxygen Therapy at THANN

Need to take a breather? Enter THANN Wellness Zone, an oasis of peace and tranquility tucked away inside K11 Musea. From the moment you step inside, your senses will be awakened by soothing scents from the brand’s aromatherapy products. 

A blissful escape from the city, THANN’s Oxygen Therapy takes place in a room filled with pure and clean air generated from ozone molecule release. This means all contaminants, including odor, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Cyanide from cigarette, Formaldehyde from paints and furniture and bacteria in the environment, are all oxidised to protect your health.

Once you get seated comfortably, you will receive a foot spa and massage performed by a certified therapist, which gives health benefits such as increased blood circulation, less tiredness and better sleep.

Shop 209, Level 2, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, +852 3188 0403,

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Vibrational Sound Therapy at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Connect with your divine self with a sound therapy by embracing deep relaxation created by sound healing. If you’re new to the concept or unsure about the idea of it, a sound therapy helps the human brain enter into a state commonly experienced between waking and sleeping—a state where we begin to let go of our worries, stress and blockages as our breath becomes quieter and deeper.

At Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, both a Singing Bowls Sound Therapy and a Gong Sound Therapy are offered by healing master Cheryl Rodriguez. The Tibetian singing bowls create specific frequencies that your body needs for healing, while the gong sounds generate reverberations to help slow down the heart and breathing rates to create a sense of calm and mental clarity.

8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 3196 8888,

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Purify at I Never Use Foundation Breakfast Club (INUF)

Treat yourself to a sky-high pampering experience at INUF, where the brand’s Skin Spa is perched on the top floor of MW Plaza in Tsim Sha Tsui. More than just a spa, Skin Spa is a wellness sanctuary with outstanding facilities, service and treatments that will make you feel pampered from head to toe, mind to spirit.

The beautiful space of the Meditation Room is where your wellness journey begins. Enjoy a freshly-prepared Jooove Cha fruit tea, singing bowl music, a spritz of aura spay from Balipura and a glass of crystal-infused pH 8.5 alkaline water before your treatment. 

All facial treatments begin with a 30-minute aromatic massage using Spamazing Vitamin E massage oil, followed by a 60-minute result-oriented facial treatment using skincare products targeted to your skin type. There’s Purify for acne skins, Brighten for dull skin, Soothe for sensitive skin, Total Oxygen for oily skin, Super Lift for ageing skin and even Baby Bump for mums-to-be. The treatment results are immediately visible and will have your skin glowing and radiating from inside out. 

21/F, Penthouse, MW Plaza, 40 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, +852 3904 0390,

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Foot care at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Our feet go through a lot on a daily basis. Foot care should go beyond appearances or a fresh coat of nail polish as the health of your feet can be an indicator of your overall health. 

This is when foot expert Bastien Gonzalez comes in. With a long-term partnership with The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Bastien Gonzalez offers an exclusive selection of treatments for feet, nails and hands at The Oriental Spa. 

Give your feet and nails a second life with Bastien Duo performed by Studio Manager Albin Brion. It’s a gentle, revitalising method to resolve your foot concerns including corns, calluses or rigidity of the epidermis, leaving your feet silky soft and fragrant. At the same time, a professional manicurist helps restore the natural beauty of your nails. 

The treatment finishes with a synchronised four-hand massage and a beauty finish to the nails using chamois leather and a pearly buffing cream to reveal naturally shiny nails. 

The Landmark, 15 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong, +852 2132 0011,

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