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Welcome back to our weekly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

Mercury slides back into Taurus as part of its three-and-a-half-week retrograde period. During this time, continue to budget in more time, money, or energy in order to get things done. Financial decisions may require prudence and caution while our minds are operating on a different wavelength. Mercury also makes a positive contact to Mars, itself getting ready to change signs, from Pisces to Aries. Thoughts and words pack an extra punch during this period, so channel the energy into something worth fighting for.  

Relationship expectations come to the fore as Venus makes creative contact with Saturn. It may take a little bit of effort to learn how to support others better, or to reveal what we truly need to feel taken care of. Attending to details and practical matters can bring satisfaction. Looking after art objects or fine items of beauty, especially, can be a joy. Access the love behind the task and no obligation can seem too onerous to fulfill.

Our inner power and nerves of steel rise to the surface as Pluto makes positive contact with both the retrograde Mercury and Mars. The ability to see through illusions and cut to the chase becomes more available. We may find we are more honest and determined about what we want. By the weekend, the need to control people or feelings can run high. Avoid acting or making any decisions out of fear.

The Week by Rising Sign


Support can be found among friends, especially in relation to new ideas about your identity or a new look you might want to try out. Adjustments you want to make to accounts or finances may be divinely inspired, so pay attention to signs. A mishap at work can turn into a blessing.


The social causes you advocate for become more closely tied to your sense of self. You might find you can be an effective champion for deeply held beliefs. A situation at work or with a project requires some effort to clarify and coordinate what everyone’s responsibilities are.


A bold move with respect to your life’s work can be guided by otherworldly forces right now. Use tarot cards or another divination tool to show you how to forge a path forward. Big institutions can fulfill your dreams if you figure out how to play the game and meet the requirements.


Friends and important partners feed your optimism and faith in the future. The sky’s the limit right now and assistance is at your disposal. Publicly, your reputation is very positive, boosted by what you can appear to do for others. Don’t let any irrational fears rain on your parade.


Life’s practical realities can guide your efforts well, particularly with respect to key entanglements and dependencies. Part of it may be seeing through a situation to the deeper power dynamics at play. A partner can provide solace if cherished beliefs come under threat.


Make an effort to strengthen a key relationship. Both your optimism and sense of creative power are at a high and you may start to see the future in a new light. If negative feelings around indebtedness are triggered, take comfort in the solid structures you have set up for yourself.


A mini-crisis of some sort might require some fine-tuning of routines and habits. Truth can come to light about the real reasons you hold onto to certain attachments. The love flame is shining brightly. Do something fun to do with a romantic partner or someone else significant in your life.


Family is a focal point with energies from siblings and love partners feeding your creativity. Children, if you have them, can also demand some effort. An orderly home environment can offer a sense of contentment, especially if the opinions of others make you feel agitated and insecure.


The activity level within your home or family environment is set to spike, possibly catalyzed by the need for more safety, security, and practical efficiency. Artistic or acquisitions of any kind may earn you bragging rights. Remember that some kinds of joy are impossible to price.


Talking to others about your potential and outlets for creative expression can yield positive results. Especially if there is time to dig a little deeper, you might say a few things that surprise even yourself. A walk down memory lane could be good for self-esteem.


Inexplicable instincts can feed any efforts you make toward material security. Whether it’s putting a new skill in your tool belt or making financial decisions, justifications are unnecessary. Your words can be pleasant and sociable in spite of any transformation or doubt going on within.  


Being of service rather than being popular is where real self-worth lies, and events might unfold to highlight this lesson. Nonetheless, the ideas and opinions of others – in both your immediate and online community – can offer takeaways that catalyze your action.



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