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Our astrologer, De Rui, tells you what you should expect this week as Mercury goes in retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde, putting mental activity on a different wavelength. Jupiter makes an energizing move into Aries. Saturn demands our maturity.

The start of the week is a time for maturing, especially when it comes to our dedication and level of commitment. With Saturn and asteroid Vesta joining up in the sign of Aquarius, the world may bring us situations or events that require us to be grown-ups. It could be as basic as showing up to an important meeting on time, or as complex as signing legal documents. We are being asked to get serious about manifesting what we want.

After a period of slowing down, Mercury finally turns retrograde on Tuesday. For the second time this year, we may experience missed connections, technical malfunctions, and logistical challenges. The key to riding out the next three-and-a-half weeks gracefully is to anticipate contingencies and cut back on appointments. Primarily, the retrograde is a time for deeper thinking than what we use day-to-day. Replaying and reviewing the past could yield insights.

Forward-moving momentum picks up as the planet of hope and abundance, Jupiter, enters Aries on Wednesday. This brings much more faith in our personal impulses and instinctual knowing. From now until October, beating around the bush about objectives and goals will be self-defeating. Revealing yourself authentically, on the other hand, can open doors.

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The Week by Rising Sign


Multiple events may ask you to weigh your priorities. Tune out society’s messaging and other voices to figure out what is truly valuable in your life and what brings you a sense of stability. Friends, networks, and social groups may demand your dedication and attention.


Putting your foot in your mouth is a real possibility with a retrograde Mercury messing with communications. Consider what you really think and feel before rushing to express yourself. Bold and courageous networking is also on the cards. Run with a group that is new to you.


This could be an extra chatty time with a lot of posts, texts, and emails flying around. It’s good to be popular. As much as possible, try to take a beat to reflect on something more deeply before giving your hot take. Life is richer that way. A career development tests your ambition. 


The sky is the limit when it comes to your aspirations for yourself. Confidence that your natural personality can take you to new career heights or put a sheen on your reputation is at a high. A private situation tests your ability to show vulnerability. Not everyone is strong enough to risk getting hurt.


Texting faux pas and other communications gaffes can bring public shame, so be extra mindful of the Mercury Retrograde. Considerable optimism may arise from realizing you have more access to resources than you had imagined. Issues around commitment may come up in love and romance.


Powers of intuition are very acute this week so don’t waste it by trying to do too much. Take time, especially, to digest past events and insights are sure to come in. A healthy lifestyle requires more dedication. There could be more space for authenticity within a partnership.


Follow your gut when it comes to new diet and health routines because your intuitions are likely to bear fruit. Use carefully considered words to dig deeper in to a situation. Sometimes a little prying is a signal of care and concern. A creative process challenges you to devote yourself.


The shift in energy this week is giving permission to release your inner child. Indulging in impulses and creative needs could be rewarding and life-affirming. Any challenging or demanding situations at home are external manifestations of internal struggle. Do the inner work.


True self-expression isn’t possible this week without some effort. Both Mercury’s and Saturn’s paths will require you to fine-tune your speaking and writing to make sure your message doesn’t come across the wrong way. Meanwhile, a sense of freedom is available at home.


If you have ever wanted to make a profound piece of art or creative work, the current energies offer a level of depth that isn’t always there. Tapping into your authentic, unfiltered self could really open up the floodgates. A financial situation could force a confrontation about values.


Optimism about future resources could have you feeling generous and abundant. It could also be time to commit to an effort with regard to your physical appearance or identity. Something is in need of a change. Past events have yet to be digested, so having some alone time is not a bad choice.


Your assessment of your own strength and stamina is high at the moment, so physical challenges can be easier to tackle. A development could test your faith in higher powers and provide a chance to show humility. Slowing down the pace of texts and emails means messages can be more profound.


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