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Welcome back to our weekly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

Venus joins with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Mars and Neptune merge to give energy to our imagination. The lunar eclipse in Scorpio shifts the focus to trade and exchange in relationships.

The planet embodying with feminine principles, Venus, joins with asteroid Chiron to bring sensitivity and healing around how we value ourselves. The more highly we see ourselves, the more magnanimous and tolerant of others we can be. On the flip side, when we feel worthless and undeserving, we are easily irritated or offended. And worst of all, we can stand in the way of abundance and the fulfillment of our desires. The beginning of the week brings opportunities to heal these patterns.

Meanwhile, the masculine principles as embodied by Mars, join with Neptune to give a softer edge to hard-nosed or aggressive forces. Work and other efforts can lose a bit of focus or direction, while more creative or inspired ideas have a better chance coming to fruition. The imagination is highly supported at this time, and as a result, certain physical attractions can run very hot. Mars also makes harsh contact with Saturn, though, suggesting some acts are better in your mind than in real life.

Monday’s Full Moon lunar eclipse marks the endpoint of two weeks of acute fretting about financial and material security. As with any eclipse, make room for stillness and silence around this portal to allow insights to come through. Darker arts can also shine during this cosmic event in Scorpio. As May winds down, the focus shifts to cultivating deeper relationships and healthy exchange with others.

The Week by Rising Sign


The sooner you banish bad feelings about your body or your looks, the sooner you can attract good things into your life. The lunar eclipse highlights your resources, including your credit and your debts. Creative juices are flowing, so get cracking on the ideas gathering cobwebs in your head.


Insights about balancing your own and others needs will surface at the lunar eclipse on Monday. If you have been too focused on others recently, choosing alone time now could bring spiritual benefits. If you have been too much of a hermit, suggest an imaginative activity with friends.


An out-of-nowhere event or person opens up your ideas about what is possible. The lunar eclipse can reveal how power dynamics you take for granted don’t necessarily have to operate that way. Any wounding regarding friends and your social participation comes up to be healed.


The lunar eclipse brings the focus to children and other fruits of your personal creative power. Foreign cultures and overseas experiences could be the source of inspired realizations. Any bouts of imposter syndrome in relation to your reputation are due for healing.


You may have been busy conquering the world lately and now is the time to re-engage with dynamics at home. Your worldview and understanding of the big picture deserve more credit and can add to feelings of worth. Deeply personal exchanges with others can inspire creative action.


Consolidating your position in a big institution or school of thought may have caused you to ignore relationship dynamics closer to home. It may be time to reconnect with the lower mind and immediate issues in the community or neighborhood. Some have missed your powerful voice.


Someone in your life is going through a process of healing. When this process is over, they turn out to be your greatest supporter. Insights around your credits and debts can come through during the lunar eclipse. Make sure you have enough in the bank both in terms of finances and good deeds.


The time is ripe to birth something big for the world. Whether it’s conceiving a child, writing a screenplay, or registering a business, use the divinely inspired energies to go for your dreams. The eclipse in your sign is a reminder of your personal power and ability to direct your own life. 


The home and domestic sphere continues to be a place for creativity to flourish. Anything that needs to be spruced up can be done with extraordinarily good taste and skill. Your inner artist can find a lot of healing and validation. Romance, in addition to home décor, can be satisfying.


Lift your head up from developing your personal projects to look around at the world. Friendship groups and social networks could use your participation and involvement. Writing and speaking could take on a softer focus with wonderful, deeply moving impact on others.


A period of getting your ducks in a row may be ending as you get ready to step out in a more powerful way. Career advancement may be possible as you focus again on trading and exchanging with others in mutually productive ways. Healing words can emanate from within you.


Your physical form continues to be a channel for otherworldly inspiration, so pursue fashion, dance, or other forms of expression. Discard any fixed ideas about what your identity is or should be. You can discover new sources of self-worth and inspire others to do the same.

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