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This is Tatler's Weekly Horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

Happy Astrological New Year! The Sun moves into Aries, bringing forward momentum. Uranus makes us want to flip the script. Mercury meets with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, while the partnership asteroid Juno meets with Saturn to manifest new structures.

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Ideas supported

Stars signs affected the most: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius can have a million ideas.

The Sun wraps up a 12-month spin around the zodiac and begins anew in the sign of Aries. Sunday’s Spring Equinox can bring forward-moving action that sets up the next 12 months. A positive contact between Mars and asteroid Ceres in Air signs at the same time supports giving space for other people’s ideas and withholding judgment. It’s a good time to be intellectually spontaneous.

Itching for change

Stars signs affected the most: Virgo may want to shake things up.

Uranus contacts this week can make us itchy to break old molds and go against the grain. The urge to plan for the future and to contribute to the group is with us for a few more weeks, and right now what we can see clearly is the need to ditch the old playbook. The world is changing very quickly and woe to the ones who fail to keep up.

Share your emotions

Stars signs affected the most: Gemini and Virgo might find it hard to concentrate.

Mercury flies past Jupiter and Neptune this week, lifting our heads into the clouds. Daydreaming is very possible, as well as going down rabbit holes online. Let your mind journey to wherever it takes you since the experience is likely to expand your ideas about what is possible. Sharing thoughts and emotions with others is also beneficial. In love relationships, themes around solidifying your commitment and setting up structures may come up.


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