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Welcome back to our weekly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

Small issues and details require attention at the start of the week as Mercury and Saturn make a harsh contact. The slog through boring minutiae may bring frustration but it is also a necessary step toward the fun stuff later. By midweek, Mercury comes into contact with Jupiter and the space opens up for more expansive thinking and dreaming.

Egos are on the rise and by the weekend delusions of grandeur may be fully upon us. Watch out for excessive behaviour and even a god complex in yourself and others as Venus joins with Jupiter and Neptune. Our bodies are not immortal or invincible, so be sure to remember moderation. However, if austere conservatism is your status quo, being moderate about that, too, is a good idea.

With Saturn also making contact with the planetoid Ceres, the Universe calls on us to show our caring and nurturing side. Sometimes all it takes to offer someone a safe space is a smile or a kind word. Be the rock and support when others least expect it, and the results may be better than you’d think.

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The Week by Rising Sign


Social participation can be very self-affirming. Friends and networks can lend a sense of safety and security. Your energy and efforts are flowing well and work could be quite productive. Resist the temptation to lose yourself in something addicting.


Taking a step back to look at the big picture can yield deep insights. Express your perspectives as long as you don’t expect others to join in. You don’t have anything to prove. Watch out for being too ambitious and overpacking your schedule.


Make sure you are getting enough alone time. This is a potent portal when messages can come through from the Great Beyond. Big changes might be afoot and you will need to be tuned in to all channels to ensure that you are seeing the full picture.


Poetic or otherwise beautiful expressions are possible this week. Channeling your truth to friends or social media could be very successful. Carnal relations take on a more romantic or emotional flavor. Enjoy the deeper connections and revealing moments.


There is good productive energy flowing in your intimate or business partnership. When it comes to who or what to put faith in, there is more alignment between you. Be wary of over-idealizing people, however. Insist on having clarity around sudden developments.


Achieving perfect alignment between your resources and creative needs may cause some angst. How you spend your time should in theory line up with your beliefs. Try not to get bogged down by details. A (potentially) significant person may come into the picture.


Diet and health regimens need extra TLC, especially when it comes to quantity. Too little or too much could both be bad so stick to a middle path of moderation. Drama may crop up in relation to the home or children. Use your diplomacy to put out any fires.


A comment or remark may trigger some internal questioning about what you have or what you know. It could be the start of some positive transformation. Watch out for getting lost in too much fun or romance or mindless hedonism at this time.


The demands of work and home can be brought into harmony. Creative expressions or wordplay can also bring joy. Having a good look at your finances, as thrilling as it sounds, can yield valuable insights. Overindulging your own emotions is counterproductive.


Children or family members can be the source of some irritation around your appearance or self-worth. The progress of a creative project, or lack thereof, may also challenge your sense of identity. Don’t let it get to you. Others could use your support.


Happenings around the house could provoke deep emotions. Memories from childhood could rise to the fore and shed light on a current situation. Allow feelings to come up for processing, and try not to isolate yourself. An artistic project or child needs your nurturance.


Investing time or resources in yourself is likely to yield rewards. Just be careful not to go overboard with it. Correspondence with friends could uncover more than you expect. Making loving improvements around the house is uplifting for the spirit.


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