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Welcome back to our weekly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

The Sun moves into Taurus but not before a brush with power-hungry Pluto. Both Mercury and Venus benefit from a charge of Uranian brilliance. Mercury in positive contact with the Jupiter-Neptune duo can lend deeper inspiration and meaning.

Before its ingress to Taurus on Wednesday, the Sun forms a harsh contact with Pluto, hovering in the last few degrees of Capricorn since about 2020. Be on the lookout for power plays and manipulative behaviour. Don’t take the bait and lose your cool, but there’s no need to shy away from dealing with the darkness in other people. Sometimes it’s just what we need to evolve and grow.

Venus, which represents our sense of value and worth, is in positive touch with Uranus, symbolizing ingenuity and progress. Weird and wonderful subjects can capture our attention this week, but first, do some homework to learn about them. Conformity is not en vogue at this time as we probe what is new and excites us.

Conversations and exchanges are similarly charged with energy as Mercury and Uranus converge in Taurus. Thinking outside the box comes more naturally and brainstorming sessions could pack extra mileage. This is a time to trust in the rational mind’s ability to take us into the future. Positive contact between Mercury and the Jupiter-Neptune pair at the weekend adds deeper meaning to our lives.

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The Week by Rising Sign


An idea for sprucing up your look or identity arrives from something you read. Friends or social networks, too, can be sources of fresh inspiration. If tensions come up between your individuality and your work in the world, keep your cool. Ask yourself what you really want.  


Group events or friend gatherings give you a chance to see yourself in a new light. Giving a boost to your status right now may come at a price. Go with what seems logical and reasonable. Beware of manipulative spiritual types. If something is unclear, there is no need to rush to decide.


Grab any opportunities to develop self-reliance and independence. Lean on your reasoning and logic as you try and discern what serves you and your personal values. A friend or benefactor could raise some doubt over resources. Connecting others, or to the Divine, will be brilliant.


Something you say or write could be riveting. A surprise gift of resources could support your work in the world. Burnishing your public image right now could pose a challenge for your relationship, though. See it as a chance to get to know yourself better and don’t cast blame.


New knowledge coming into your life may pose an issue for day-to-day routines. Flexibility is needed, as well as some soul-searching about how you truly want to spend your time. Linking up your bright ideas with large or established institutions might be more of a possibility.


Epiphanies about what is really going on in the world can come to you, perhaps from a partner or from someone you look after. It may be time to do a clear-eyed evaluation of what resources you have access to and whether your beliefs are serving your best interest.


Lean on your creativity to rejuvenate an important relationship. Investment or entrepreneurial opportunities are best pursued with a trusted partner, rather than on your own. One-on-one interactions could bring revelations. Self-care and daily habits could use an inspired tune-up.


Self-care and relating to others is fertile ground for an upgrade. The way you organize your life can trigger something with neighbours or siblings. Family members, though, are generally benefiting from your love and care. Impulsive bets could put a strain on financial resources.


Loving words will be very welcome at home. Routines around diet, exercise, or health may shift as a result of new knowledge. Children may have to roll with new notions. Big expenses at this time may need to be treated with caution. Consider whether they align with your values.


Games or wordplay can be a good source of fun. Sprucing up your living environment can be more inspired and exciting, without needing to break the bank. Demands from family members may be at odds with your sense of self or identity. Keep your cool and ride out the energy.


Family members can clue you in to new ways to manage money or resources. Someone you spot on the street might inspire you to refresh your appearance. Thoughts and ideas can be erratic and constant, so be sure to get enough sleep and relaxation or you might feel unhinged.


You seem extra attractive to others right now, perhaps as a result of how you carry yourself or how you speak. Bright ideas can show up in what you post or publish. Tensions may arise between friends or groups and something of value to you.


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