Cover This is Tatler's weekly horoscope led by astrologer De Rui (Illustration: Chesca Gamboa/ Tatler Asia)

Here is Tatler's weekly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

Multiple cosmic energies reach a peak in one of the year’s busiest weeks. Saturn throws a wrench in our plans, while Jupiter and Neptune amp up our dreams and illusions. The weekend’s Full Moon takes the gas off the pedal so we can work on getting along.

Rules and structures can make progress seem impossible, as Saturn makes tense contact with the Moon’s nodes. Our desire to have more stability can be thwarted by old ways of thinking. Living up to our personal values can run counter to authoritative decisions about the public good. Hang in there. Everyone is dealing with the same feeling of being neither here nor there right now.

Jupiter and Neptune merge their energies completely on Tuesday after several weeks of pulling closer. This event occurs once every 12-13 years and returns to Pisces for the first time since 1856. In this sign, the planet of optimism and expansion (Jupiter) meets with otherworldly connection (Neptune), this melding signals a time of enormous compassion and idealism. Confusion and a lack of clarity are often a part of the package. Keep both your heart and your eyes wide open.

Next weekend’s Full Moon in Libra brings an end to a period of momentum and forward-moving action. Insights are available on the topics of achieving harmony and balance. Especially if you have not been paying as much attention to other people’s needs recently, now is the time to really listen and factor in their concerns.

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The Week by Rising Sign

The rising sign, also called the Ascendant sign, is based on your time of birth. Use an app or online tool to find your astrological signs placements, or if generating a birth chart, identify the sign at the 9 o’clock position of the circle. Accurately placing your Ascendant, as opposed to the Sun sign, better identifies which areas of life planetary movements are activating.


A friend or an issue in one of your groups requires you to step in and help. Take care not to exhaust yourself or pile too much on your plate. As the weekend’s Full Moon approaches, you may need to tiptoe around other people’s emotions.


A self-limiting belief comes up for a reality check, if you can recognize it. Decide whether holding onto it is going to further your growth. At work, a fork in the road related to your career may present itself. Go with your gut instead of canvassing for opinions.


Trying to get friends to respond becomes like pulling teeth. Let the world fade out and focus your attention inwardly. Music, meditation, or lighting incense can help. There may be a lack of clarity on career or travel plans, which requires soul-searching on your part.


Emotions tied to the home or family may be triggered by the weekend’s Full Moon. Examine your beliefs in relation to world events and your resources for survival. A tough decision needs you to believe in your work in the world.


Close partnerships may take you to new heights. Extreme compassion and intuition may enshroud any emotional exchanges. Higher wisdom is available in your dealings with joint resources and institutions. Wise figures and teachers can also present themselves.


Routines and lifestyle habits may need a change. Decide what truly is in line with your values and what you can drop. The Full Moon brings clarity about what you bring to the table. Romanticizing and idealizing certain people in your life is a possibility.


Creative projects take on bigger proportions and deeper meaning. Children, too, can draw out a deeper love. The Full Moon illuminates your spiritual connections. Body- or self-image-related insecurities can come up for healing.


Inner peace and tranquillity become more important. Part of this could be making your home or domestic life more soothing. Children can be bearers of wisdom. Breakthroughs in having more harmony with friends and social networks can emerge.


Opportunities to polish up your image present themselves. Communicate your sense of purpose and meaning, especially to family and loved ones, even at the risk of being misunderstood. There may be some feminine wisdom there for the taking.


Your identity or self-worth is shifting and it’s fine not to have all the answers. An email or text can offer optimism. Be sure to parse it carefully to make sure you are catching everything between the lines. The weekend’s Full Moon is a time to polish up your reputation.


Your sense of worth and ability get a big boost. Celebrate the renewal of faith in yourself and the power within. Any spiritual anxieties can be worked out if you make space for healing and ritual. The need for harmony around shared resources and entrenched beliefs also comes up.


Friends and networks may be holding you back. Now is the time to push forward with faith in yourself and your own wisdom. The weekend’s Full Moon can highlight the need for reconciliation with a partner or around a taboo subject. Tuning into the divine proves healing.


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