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Times are a little unsure these days, so it's completely normal to feel worried. Fortunately, there are a few things you can equip yourself with to try to stay safe

Pacsafe Silver Ions Face Mask

Pacsafe's Silver Ions Face Mask is a marvel of technology. Providing at least 99% filtration against microbial and airborne particles, this new mask also features five layers that each serve a distinct purpose.

The first layer disinfects and reduces the amount of microbes present on the mask's surface. The second layer provides a barrier against liquid droplets and splashing, while the third protects the wearer from microbial and airborne particles. The fourth layer creates the mask's shape, which makes it a comfortable experience for the wearer, and the fifth layer serves as the final protection that disinfects from microbial as well as neutralises odours. 

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Pacsafe Viraloff Face Mask

The Viraloff Face Mask is a bit different from Pacsafe's Silver Ions Face Mask. This mask can reduce 99% of viruses that build up in your mask after constant use. It can also eliminate unpleasant odours without having to constantly wash it. Its water repellent fabric also ensures that you and the people around you are safe from any droplets caused by sneezing or coughing. 





UV Sanitising Pen

Tapping into the power of ultraviolet light, Mobework's new sanitising pen is a portable and lightweight gadget that helps destroy viruses and bacteria. The UV light is said to efficiently dismantle the molecular bonds that make up these microorganisms. In particular, this one can eliminate over 99% of pathogens on personal items and high-touch surfaces from anywhere between 90 seconds to an hour. Because it's made of high-grade materials such as durable polyacrylonitrile, this sanitising pen is sure to be a great investment for life after the pandemic. 

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Portable Air Purifier

This new portable air purifier from Mobework can be worn around your neck and can operate for up to 20 hours on a single charge. Using cutting-edge technology called electrostatic purification, this sleek accessory can provide a sphere of protection around you by emitting 26 million negative ions into the air. While they may not offer as much protection against the COVID-19 virus, the ions they emit are able to push away harmful pollutants such as PM2.5, smoke, odours, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, and allergens. They also come in a variety of colours that include white, teal, blue, black, and pink. 

Antimicrobial Copper Film

Need protection in an office or high-traffic area? Dr Cu's antimicrobial film may be the solution you're looking for. This technology, made in Korea and certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), was originally created for the healthcare industry. However, it has since been adapted for commercial use due to its efficiency. 

This copper film is an adhesive type film that also carries an antibacterial coating you can apply to high-touch surfaces. So while it is harmless to humans, it does plenty to help lessen transmission through objects such as phones, keyboards, and door handles. The best part? It offers lifetime antimicrobial properties that can help protect you even after the pandemic. 

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No Contact Gadget

Direct contact with high-touch surfaces can pose a threat to your safety (if not your peace of mind). Avoid it with the True! No Contact Gadget. Containing an absorbent sponge with chlorine, it disinfects everything from ATM keyboards to cellphones and drawer handles, which may be carriers of viruses and bacteria. Lightweight, compact, and portable, it's the perfect gadget to take with you anywhere you need to go!


Compact Sanitiser and Dryer

Portable sanitisers are a must-have in this day and age. The True! UV Compact Sanitiser and Dryer can sanitise multiple items all at once using UV light technology. Mixing functionality with form, it also comes with a multi-drying functionality that works best for objects with wet surfaces (like wet towelettes or handkerchiefs). Use it on makeup brushes, baby clothes, or other small to medium items you may want to disinfect!

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Immunity Boosters

It's no secret that your first line of defence is your immune system. Keep it strong and healthy with this liquid supplement from Global Healing. Made with natural and organic ingredients such as elderberry, mushrooms, olives, and pine bark, this supplement is chock-full of antioxidants and vitamins that are sure to keep you fit and strong. It promises to nourish your immune cells, regulate your immune response, and help mobilise white blood cells so you can move as freely as you can outside your home. 

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