Cover Here is Tatler's horoscope predictions for the last month of 2021 (Illustration: Chesca Gamboa/ Tatler Asia)

Treetops glisten and children listen… the holiday season was made for dreaming. Find out what December has in store for you with Tatler’s monthly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

This month begins and ends with a pair of inspiring planetary events that speak to our heart’s longings. By the time Neptune turns direct on December 1, we find old illusions and fantasies have fallen away, replaced by new ideals that seem much more real and achievable. Trust in the goodness of life and compassion for others rises in all of us after December 30, when Jupiter moves into Pisces.

What we believe in will be put to the test this month under the energies of the Sagittarius New Moon solar eclipse on December 4. In the short term, we may be motivated to search for truth, to seek new teachers and experts, or to journey someplace to find faith. By the Full Moon in Gemini on December 19, we will be ready to focus on practical matters. New situations may force us to release any rigid, high-minded beliefs and to be more accepting of other perspectives. Venus, turning retrograde on the same day as the Full Moon, also calls on us to re-evaluate our values.

The ongoing harsh contact between Saturn and Uranus—an energy that has been with us all year and which will remain through 2022—hits a fever pitch on Christmas Eve. New paradigms for how to survive and thrive are still encountering push-back from authority figures who insist they know what is best for the collective. Try not to get into any debates over Christmas lunch. 

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The planetoid Chiron, known as the Wounded Healer and hanging out in your sign for a few more years, emerges out of its retrograde on the same day of the Full Moon and the Venus retrograde. It is likely an emotionally charged time, although you may be able to identify more closely with your own healing powers and the special kind of lightness you bring to others.

Try to wrap up any speaking and writing projects before the energies shifts mid-month. Demanding physical activity can be especially rewarding after that time. Competitions of any kind in the second half of December can bring out the best in you. 


Ceres, the asteroid of nurturance and care, briefly moves back into your sign in the last week of December. You can take special pride in the way you make people feel safe and supported. Take part in the Christmas spirit by creating comfortable spaces and indulging in sensually pleasing items. All month, your romantic and social charms are well supported as well. The dreamy qualities that permeate the atmosphere in December can also stimulate your creativity.


A Full Moon in your sign on December 19 brings a fuller understanding of the gifts that you have and the contributions that only you can make. This is a great time to start conversations with strangers and talk to your neighbours in the elevator. Your sense of humour is well-supported at the moment. Model your open-mindedness and approachability for others until the collective energy shifts in January. New Year’s Eve could teach hard lessons if you aren’t careful to exercise some moderation.


Divine guidance is available to you now, a time when you might actually need it. Challenging energies may come from others, especially with regard to misaligned preferences and miscommunication.

Try to take it all in your stride and be wary of assigning blame. If you take the time to tune in and listen to intuitions, you might realise you have the answers. Fortuitous developments and lucky outcomes enter the picture by the time Jupiter crosses into Pisces at the end of the month.


As with Cancer, you may experience some challenging vibes in December. Social activities this holiday season may not flow as smoothly as in years past. Misunderstandings can crop up, and someone might strike you as not being sufficiently appreciative of the kind of person you are. The silver linings this month are your indefatigable sense of humour and, perhaps surprisingly, the healing you can bring to others just by being your usual effervescent self. After mid-month, your energy level gets a boost and competitive activities might turn out to be quite rewarding.


Intense social interactions may define the next few weeks while your sign forms a positive contact with Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. You feel more at ease around others and can channel inner power from a deeper place. The solar eclipse may force a confrontation with a long-held truth or belief, sowing seeds of doubt that may not resolve until late spring.

Push yourself with some physical exercise in the first half of the month, while reserving the latter half for any speaking or writing. For those born at the end of August, you are not likely to enjoy sleeping through New Year’s Eve this year, so make some plans before it’s too late.


Mark the December 4 solar eclipse on your calendar and make time to observe it in meditation or silence. The obscuring of the Sun can cast doubt on long-held beliefs or inspire you to seek more information.

Follow your curiosity. Social situations might be somewhat interesting and somewhat awkward, especially after Venus turns retrograde. Think about who in your life you truly value and why. Reach out to those who have made a difference for you no matter how much time has passed. 


Matters of the heart are front and centre at the moment with Venus about to meet up with powerful Pluto, which rules your sign. Give yourself permission to be a little possessive or obsessive right now about romantic partners or objects of your affection.

In some ways, this aspect of your life may stimulate your creativity in other areas. Your attunement to the arts can be heightened with Neptune now moving direct in Pisces and Jupiter about to move in. Your energy level for action and adventure can also be high in the first two weeks, before taking on a more intellectual bent later in the month.


The New Moon solar eclipse in your sign brings a sense of unity between your external 3D experience and your internal emotional life. You may feel pulled to look for higher knowledge or meaning in the coming weeks, which you can do better than anyone.

After mid-month, when Mars moves into your sign, your confidence and energy will be riding very high. As with Gemini, New Year’s Eve calls for moderation with Jupiter making it easy to get carried away. Make time to lend an ear if anyone comes to you for solace and wisdom.


Your social charms are flowing as strongly ever this month, so enjoy the holiday parties and celebrations while you can. Pluto’s presence in your sign will lend a little intensity to the transit of Venus. Love, money, and things of value are all within your reach, so be sure and ready to reach.

If it arises that you can be a safe place for someone else, take pride in the fact that you are in a position to do so very well. If hot button ideological debates come up at dinner, ask yourself if you really want to be caught defending any kind of rigid viewpoint in these fast-changing times.



The peaking tension between Saturn and Uranus—the new and the old—might hit you the hardest out of all the signs. If you consider yourself a futurist, technologist, or just have clear ideas on what tomorrow will bring, it is worth stepping back from time to time to double-check that you are still open to alternative perspectives.

Take advantage of Jupiter’s last few weeks in your sign to make public appearances or do anything requiring self-assuredness or confidence. Communicating your thoughts and ideas is especially supported in the first half.


The movements of Neptune and Jupiter this month are helping you to shine your brightest. Your energy and vitality are also boosted by Mars in the first half, while speaking and writing are particularly good outlets in the second half. As with Virgo, the eclipse on December 4 may cast uncomfortable doubts on an area of your life you had taken for granted, so you may need to begin a process this month of redefining some meanings. Meanwhile, love and money opportunities abound. They may come in the form of more intense or darker energy than you are used to, but rest assured, it is in service to your growth.


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