Cover SK magic's All Clean Virus Fit is a powerful step towards better indoor air and improved health (Photo: SK magic)

The All Clean Virus Fit air purifier improves the air in your home by effectively eradicating viruses and harmful pollutants

The art of breathing is a delicate one: we often do it unconsciously and underestimate the power it holds for our health. As we step outdoors, we don the necessary armour: mask and hand sanitiser. With dusty air and harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide emissions and toxic petrol fumes, plus the added danger of the pandemic, it’s no wonder we’re fixated on gearing up daily.

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The air we breathe is essential for our health as it continually supports the functions of our lungs, blood, and organs. However, with all the focus on the dangers outside, we’ve forgotten the one place where air hygiene matters the most: home.

Did you know? Indoor air is five to 10 times worse than outdoor air. Pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mould, and dust all contribute to indoor air pollution. One WHO study also pointed out that 3.8 million people a year die prematurely from illness attributable to the household air pollution caused by the inefficient use of solid fuels and kerosene for cooking.

SK magic seeks to change this narrative with the All Clean Virus Fit air purifier.

The All Clean Virus Fit eradicates any possible dangers in the air around us, drastically improving health as we breathe in clean air. A step above the ordinary air filter, this air purifier is equipped with an eight-step filtration system and sterilising function, guaranteed to remove 99.99 per cent of dust, mould, viruses, and bacteria. Its enhancements include the Copper Fibre Ultrafine Dust Filter, proven to remove 99.99 per cent of Covid-19 viruses including the Delta variant, Human Coronavirus, EV71, and H1N1 viruses.

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To add on, the Antibacterial Pre-filter and All-In-One Care Filter further eliminate harmful bacteria and hazardous substances, while any airborne bacteria or viruses are sterilised through the UV Arc Core Sterilisation System where Active Oxygen is released into the air to capture them.

That said, will an air purifier really protect us from Covid-19 viruses? Primary Care Services medical officer Dr Amanda Elli states that indoor pollution can be even deadlier, given that it’s where we spend 80 per cent of our day, and concentrations of outdoor pollutants often rise and fall, a stark comparison to pollutants indoors. With pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone, household chemicals, and more lingering in your indoor space and the risk of these harming your respiratory tract, it's better to be safe than sorry.

SK magic's All Clean Virus Fit is the first of its kind to be officially PA (Pure Air) certified as an Air Steriliser by the Korea Ozone UV Association. Registered as a piece of health equipment and medical device by the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), this revolutionary technology has been proven to be effective for users with respiratory problems or allergies.

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Its innovative 360° All Directional Air Suction feature takes in air from all directions, not missing a single spot, before purifying it and releasing it back into the area. Guaranteed to bring healthy air into your home, the SK magic All Clean Virus Fit is suitable for any household as it is equipped with features for ease and convenience. What's more, it's adaptable and sleek, with a cylindrical design that will fit right in with your furniture.

SK magic's All Clean Virus Fit is a powerful step towards better indoor air and improved health. It is available for rent at an introductory price of just RM99 per month, while the All Clean purifier starts at RM79 per month.

For more information, visit SK magic's official website, Facebook page, Instagram, or YouTube Channel.


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