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Wondering what the Year of the Ox will bring to your health, love and career? We spoke with a Chinese astrology expert to find out

2021 marks the Year of the Ox in Chinese astrology and begins from February 12, the first day of Chinese New Year. As the second animal in the Chinese Zodiac, the ox is known for their strength, determination, diligence and dependability. 

To learn what the Year of the Ox will bring to us in health, career and relationships, we spoke with Jupiter Lai, a Hong Kong-based professional astrologer, tarot-card reader and feng shui master who co-founded The Academy of Astrology, an astrology training centre that is recognised by The Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI).

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What is the Ox known for in Chinese astrology?

Oxes are known for being “hardworking, practical, gentle, loyal and grounded,” says Jupiter Lai. However, she adds that sometimes the ox could be a bit introverted, or even quite stubborn.

“The Ox energy is quite slow, and sometimes even stagnant. Plans may go slowly and don’t be hasty to get the desired result. Patience is the keyword for this year.”

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The Ox’s Most & Least Compatible Zodiacs

If you were born in the Year of the Ox and trying to make new friends or start a relationship, try and find people who were born in the Year of the Rat as the two zodiacs are able to balance each other out perfectly. “According to Yin and Yang, the Ox and the Rat signs complement each other as the Ox is more passive (Yin) while the Rat is more active (Yang),” Lai explains. 

To learn who you’re not compatible with this year, refer to Liu Hai, a Chinese zodiac concept where where the twelve zodiacs are paired up with the sign that they are the most incompatible with romantically.

“If two signs are in the same group together, the two can unintentionally harm each other and bring bad luck,” she explains. The Ox is grouped with the Horse, which means the Ox and the Horse are the most unlucky pairing and their relationship would likely end in a breakup. However, another zodiac sign that the Ox should look out for is the Sheep. “The Sheep is the least compatible with the Ox as they are on opposing ends of the zodiac wheel. They may easily clash with each other, creating conflict and disagreement.”


“Of the five elements, the Ox is a Yin Earth, which is more receptive and stable. This means relationships tend to be more stable, and the Ox is more patient and gentle with their partners, making it good for strengthening and maintaining relationships,” Lai explains. 

Those who are single and looking for a relationship, remember to take notes: “The Ox is quite shy and passive. If you’re single and looking for a new relationship, you may need to put in extra effort to ask for dates or pursue those you are interested in.”

Or, if you’ve been in a committed relationship for a while, marriage might be on the table. “The Ox is not a year for romance and passion, but for commitment and stability—which is suitable for those who want to tie the knot.”


“The Ox is an animal of strength, but its strength comes from working hard in the field. To stay healthy and strong, the Ox has to work out regularly to strengthen the muscles,” says Lai. While gyms are closed at the moment, consider investing in some of the best at-home workout gear to build muscle and to stay healthy this year.

“From the Feng Shui perspective, the star of illness/misfortune is located in the South-East.” To avoid activating this area of your home or office, Lai recommends placing six coins in that area to weaken the negative energy to maintain better health.

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“The Ox is a hard-working animal and we need to stay diligent at work. It may take a longer time to reach goals or gain success, but similar to growing crops, there is no fast track to success and continuous effort is required.” Don’t let the slow progress discourage you though, as Lai explains success will be fair and you’ll reap what you sow.

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Offsetting Bad Luck

“Usually, people returning to their own animal sign year is called Fan Tai Sui, which means ‘offending the God of the year’. Thus, people born in the Year of the Ox will experience Fan Tai Sui,” says Lai. 

It is believed when bad luck strikes and more turbulent times happen in your life and show up in work, relationships or health, it could be because you’ve angered or offended one of the Tai Sui Gods and they have condemned you with a series of misfortunes as punishment. 

Other zodiac signs who will also go through Fan Tai Sui this year are the Sheep and the Dog. The Sheep’s position in the zodiac opposes the Ox while the Dog squares with the Ox, which regards as offending Tai Sui. Don’t worry if you’re one of the three zodiac signs, as there are ways to offset the bad luck. The Rat, being the Ox’s perfect match, is the animal who can bring harmony to the Ox. “One can wear an accessory with a mouse charm or place a figure of the rat at the North-East of the home or office. You can also go to temples such as Wong Tai Sin to worship the Tai Sui as a way to build a good relationship with him,” concludes Lai.

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