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Did you know that not checking out of a location does not really hinder contact tracing efforts?

Have you noticed that while it is mandatory to check in using Tracetogether at a location, it is not compulsory to check out when you leave it? 

In fact, while it is encouraged, it does not actually affect contact tracing efforts, according to the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO).

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Safeentry check-ins are very important in Singapore because they help the government to quickly identify people who have come into contact with a Covid-19 positive patient. This means that we can quickly quarantine or test them to prevent widespread infections from happening.

Checking in using Safeentry essentially helps determine how long a Covid-19 case has stayed at that particular venue. 

However, even without checking out, the Ministry of Health can actually estimate how long a person was in a venue based on their Safeentry check-ins at other places. This information is then verified during contact tracing interviews as well as information obtained from Tracetogether.

This is why it is very important to make sure that your app or token is working.

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A working token will have a blinking green light on it. If your token has a red light or has no light at all, you can replace yours at a community centre or at some replacement booths which are located in certain malls. 

From May 17, members of the public will have to use the Tracetogether app or token to check into venues. They can also opt to check-in by putting their phone, with the Tracetogether app open, close to a Safeentry Gateway device.

When the box shows a green light and beeps, it means the person has successfully checked in. However, it does not record a history of the person's check-in on the TraceTogether app.

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This means that there is actually no need to check out if a gateway check-in has been done. 

If you would prefer to keep a record of your Safeentry check-ins though, you are advised to scan a venue's QR code using your Tracetogether app instead so you can keep a record for yourself. 

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