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Whether you’re looking to bounce back after the holidays or commit to long-term fitness goals, these challenges will help you start taking charge of your health in 2020

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations behind us, it’s time to get back on track with a regular fitness routine and healthy eating habits. Easier said than done, but with the help of health professionals, you will find yourself feeling on top of things again in no time. If all you need is that extra push, we have found the best fitness and nutrition challenges in Hong Kong that will help you get back in shape in 2020.

Coastal Clean & Lean Challenge

If your New Year's resolutions involve losing weight or exercising more, one thing you should know is that nutrition plays a big part in your fitness journey. Most of us know (in some ways) what we should and shouldn’t be eating, and that our meals should contain some sort of protein, fat and carbohydrates. But why aren’t we seeing the results? 

Education is key. This means realising that our eating behaviour may not be in line with our health goals, and that our surroundings—our home or the place we work—may have held us back from success. Coastal Fitness’ 6-week challenge offers a community-based online platform for education around nutrition and habits for long-lasting results. 

Led by health and performance specialists Saed and Steven, the 6-week programme is built on community, accountability and education. As a participant, you will become part of a community dedicated to empower each other to build a healthy relationship with food. Starting from day one, you will be receiving daily lessons and instruction through email. Each week focuses on a specific topic on nutrition, such as how to meal prep, portion your meals and read food labels, that lays foundation for the weeks to come. 

By the end of the challenge, you will be equipped with the right mindset, environment and systems that will lead you to success.

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Pherform 21-day Challenge

Whether you’re figuring out how to start working out or slowly easing back to your training routine, finding a fitness programme that you can stick with can be challenging. Not to mention factors like family, a hectic work schedule and social obligations, making it seem impossible to commit to a gym membership that you may just end up wasting. 

If all you need is an opportunity to see if a training programme works for you, Pherform’s 21-day Challenge will give you the motivation you need to hit the gym. Exclusive to Pherform’s new clients, the challenge includes 21 days of unlimited access to Pherform sessions, a 21-day guide book with practical information on how to simplify exercise, nutrition and lifestyle, education content delivered to your inbox and one-on-one strategy consultation. 

Not sure if it’s the right challenge for you? The programme comes with a rebate offer with a minimum requirement of 11 sessions and 21 fun challenges (which takes less than a minute each to complete). The HK$2,100 rebate can be used at Pherform for private coaching, merchandise, education programmes, or even discounted membership, so basically you have nothing to lose!

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Dry January

Does your liver need to take a break from all the parties, booze and holiday indulgence? Before you hop on the Dry January bandwagon, it’s important to know why the 31-day alcohol-free challenge may benefit your health—and that it can be fun to stay sober and social while you’re at it. 

The idea of cutting out alcohol for an entire month is not just about resetting your body and recovering from excessive drinking over the holidays—it’s about evaluating your relationship with alcohol, which may help you make lifestyle changes that last beyond January. 

Thankfully, ditching alcohol for a month is not as boring as it may sound, especially in a city where bars and restaurants are serving delicious mocktails that will make you forget they’re alcohol-free. 

Rosewood Hong Kong’s healthy dining concept, Asaya Kitchen, serves up booze-free drinks with a health focus—even cocktail lovers will find it very difficult to resist the refreshing “Cypress And Yuzu Fizz” and “Pandan Coconut Water”. Modern Malaysian restaurant and bar Jalan also champions non-alcoholic libations with a Southeast Asian twist, with favourites including “Zamrud" made with ginger beer, pandan syrup, lime, fresh mint and "Bungaraya", a mix of seedlip citrus, hibiscus, rhubarb cordial and rose tonic water. Bedu gives it a Middle Eastern spin with guilt-free concoctions such as Mr. Jamal, an exotic blend of grapefruit juice, lemon juice, cinnamon honey syrup, orange juice and angostura bitters.

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