Are you looking to get killer abs while staying at home? Here are seven ab workout routines that will help you get closer to your goal

With the current stay-at-home policy, this seems to be the perfect time to dive into a new workout routine to make our bodies stronger and healthier. Here, we've listed down seven of the most popular ab workout routines that you can do at home and get closer to your #fitspiration. But keep in mind that even though these workouts are targeting your core muscles, they do not shed fat in that area. You will need to accompany these workouts with fat-burning exercises like cardio or HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) to get those chiseled abs.

Alexis Ren

Instagram model Alexis Ren has been long famous for her toned body and cinched waist. And not too long ago, some time last year, the model released her 10-minute ab workout routine for all her fans to try. It consists of 20 workouts that are all focused on core strengthening. Alexis does each workout for 30 seconds, with no break in between. But of course, if you are easing your way into it, it's best to have mini breaks here and there to make sure you are giving 100 per cent effort on each workout.

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif has tons of workout videos under her belt, but one that has grew the most popularity is her 10-minute ab workout. As of writing, the video has been viewed more than 14 millions times! The workout is comprised of a total of 20 exercises that are sure to target the core. Just remember to keep your abs tight and tucked in for better results.

Chloe Ting

If you frequent YouTube, chances are you have seen many videos on the "14 Days Ab Challenge" by Chloe Ting. It is another 10-minute ab workout routine that is meant to be done everyday for two weeks, but of course, you can continue doing it as long as you want. Chloe Ting's cheerful personality and constant encouragement actually makes this workout a little less difficult.

Natacha Oceane

If you're one of those who prefer a constant rest time in between workouts, then Natacha Oceane's 10-minute ab workout is the one for you. It consists of 10 workouts for 45 seconds each, and 15 seconds allotted rest time after every workout. But since the workouts are done for longer duration (15 seconds more than those above) you will most likely feel the burn in your core muscles more. Plus, Natacha's workout routine is designed to target all four ab layers to get a holistic end result.


If you want to increase the difficulty of your ab routine, MadFit's 15-minute workout is the way to go. It has a total of seven different exercises to be repeated twice. Each workout lasts one minute each with no breaks in between. Get your core strong and tight with MadFit's intense routine.

Emi Wong

Emi Wong's ab workouts are long popular due to much viewer reviews and testimonials. Just recently, she posted another workout routine that aims to target the core and that pesky lower ab. The 10-minute workout is comprised of 15 different exercises that last for 30 seconds each and has 10 seconds rest in between workout. Emi Wong's exercises are less of speed and more of intensity.

Holly Dolke

Holly Dolke's intense ab workout is meant to give you a "flatter" stomach in just seven days. Each workout lasts for 30 seconds, with four 30 second rest every four workouts.Push your body and try to keep up with Holly as much as you can and reap the rewards after a week.