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Make use of all that garden space by creating your own DIY picnic space at home!

How lovely it would be to have a picnic by the sea, or even in a beautiful jardin outside the country? But while we dream of idyllic landscapes and long stretches of field, we've also come to realise that perhaps a picnic set on our very own gardens could be just as fun—if not more. Surely, there's the convenience of location, and the ability to take all the time in the world to enjoy a leisurely nap in our own backyards. Below are a few tips on how to have the best time, even while at home! 

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Get the right food (and drink!)

It's pertinent to have the right food and drink for a picnic, even if it is just a casual set-up at home. Treat yourself to lovely finger foods—like a charcuterie board or a caviar cake—and a nice bottle of wine (or cocktail kit) to really get you in the mood. Those who'd prefer a heavier meal can also opt for the many take-out boxes or baked goods from home bakers that are awash online. As long as you're looking forward to the food, your picnic is already a sure success

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Dress up or dress down, it's up to you!

Some people may prefer to dress up while at home, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's a fun way to give yourself a sense of normalcy amidst the chaos. If you can, why not buy a whole new outfit too? Just a little treat for yourself that you can also use for the first party back after quarantine. There have been a host of new collections recently unveiled by our favourite designers—Zimmerman, Cult Gaia, Rat & Boa—that could fit the picnic aesthetic perfectly. 

Those who prefer to dress down are also welcome to do so! Why not have a picnic in your pyjamas? It's comfortable, it's cute, and it's one less thing to have to worry about if you don't care to. 

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Have a quick photoshoot

It's the digital age, after all, so indulge yourself in a quick photoshoot if you'd like. Surround yourself with your lovely plants, flowers, and succulents, or just have a fun time documenting the lovely day you're sure to have. It'll be a bright spot to look back on come the rainy season!

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Get the whole family onboard

The two keys to a really good picnic are food and company. Surround yourself with your family, whoever that may be. It could be the people you live with at home or even your pet! Make the best out of your lovely setup to really bond and have fun. It'll be worth the effort to set this all up in the end. 

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Spend some leisure time with yourself

If you live alone or would prefer some alone time, enjoy your picnic setup doing something you want to do! Enjoy a creative pursuit like writing, reading, painting, or crocheting. Whatever hobby you've picked up, whether in quarantine or out, will be a fun activity for you to do outside amid the fresh air. 

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Choose the right time

Because it's the dry season, the sun will be quite aggressive during certain hours, so we'd suggest avoiding too much exposure then. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the extended daylight hours. Plan a sunset picnic between 4:30pm to 6:00pm, when golden hour is long and the sunshine gentle. It's always my favourite time of the day to do so because the day is bright, the clouds put on a show, and there's a gentle breeze that makes the atmosphere oh-so relaxing. 

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Prepare for the sun

If you prefer a noontime picnic, don't forget to put on sunscreen—even if you're under an umbrella or in the shade. Excessive UV rays can be very damaging to the skin so it's best to keep protected, especially in sensitive areas such as your face or back.