Housed in The RuMa Hotel and Residences, UR Spa is presided over by Pitikan Amphai, who hails from Chiang Mai, Thailand

How many of us can attest to having practiced meditation from prepubescence? For Pitikan Amphai, it was pencilled into her school timetable—immediately following prayers.

“Although as a child, I was rarely engaged in these moments of mindfulness, as there were always a thousand things buzzing around my brain,” she admits matter-of-factly. “But I cannot deny that Buddhism has had a positive influence on my life.”

We ask the spa manager of UR Spa at The RuMa Hotel and Residences to complete several prompts:

I was born to a Buddhist family in Chiang Mai, where health and wellness…

have always been part of daily life. At home, herbs and spices are essential not only for Thai cooking but also for alternative medicine. We picked them from grandma’s backyard and learned to pound pastes using a pestle and mortar.

Thailand has always been a leading destination for tourism and wellness, but the following might be unbeknownst to you: having a traditional Thai massage every weekend is a lifestyle, not a luxury. We frequent massage parlours almost as much as cafés. This made me realise my strong ties with the wellness industry and spurred me on to pursue this career.

(In Thailand), we frequent massage parlours almost as much as cafés.

The biggest misconception about health is…

that fairness is proportionate to beauty.The idea that lighter skin is more attractive is not especially new in Asia,but the saddest part is that many whitening products contain harmful chemicals. I’ve been asked what whitening products I use, but the truth is that I only wear sunscreen whenever I allow the sun to hit my skin. You don’t need to harm yourself to get bright and radiant skin. The easiest and most effective way to boost your skin’s glow is by exfoliating and rehydrating with moisturiser or cream. Finally, eat and rest well. That is why regular trips to your favourite spa can make a difference.

UR Spa is unique as…

it reflects The RuMa’s imitable style while embracing Urban Resort Concepts (URC)’ capacity for putting experiences into an emotional, aesthetic and local context. UR SPA offers a soothing journey to an oasis of revitalisation and respite from the everyday grind, firmly rooted in the principles of modern science and ancient healing.

As a prelude to all treatments, guests enjoy a welcome ritual that includes a Kabat stretch and a botanical inhalation—think of it as a warm-up to prepare both body and mind.

Because no two bodies are the same, we offer bespoke services that…

are gender-neutral, tailor-made and incorporating products from the finest natural origins.

To paraphrase a line from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “All customers are equal, but some are more equal than others.” In keeping with URC’s signature concept of Hostmanship, we take this into account to offer supercharged treatments that can be tailored to the individual’s schedule for targeted, optimal results.

Most guests visiting UR Space ask for…

one of our five signature core therapies, which include:

  • UR Ageless, a rejuvenating advanced natural facial for those who desire radiant skin
  • UR Active, a fortifying ritual for globetrotters who seek to revive the spirit
  • UR Vital, which incorporates a full-body scrub, massage and an Italian Grotta mud mask to decrease stress
  • UR a Warrior, a healing formation that strengthens both body and mind to achieve a balanced state
  • UR a Goddess, a nourishing and restorative balm for exhausted individuals seeking respite from the frenetic pace of modern life.

What I’ve observed about consumer habits is…

how quickly they change. About a decade ago, homemade remedies such as using herbs from your own kitchen were very popular. People fancied being wrapped in banana leaves or masking their face with fresh fruits and vegetables. This isn’t so much the case now.
Today’s consumer is highly focused on maintaining a positive self-image and staying in good shape, largely due to social media—whatever was considered a ‘luxury’ is now a ‘necessity.’ Customers look to social media for health and beauty tips, download applications to track their health, and even chat with online doctors.

One of my secrets to staying healthy and mindful is…

being kind to others. Send positive energy and positive vibes to those around you, and you will receive in kind. It may sound like a beauty pageant answer, but trust me, it works!

My New Year’s resolution(s) for 2020 is…

to renew last year’s resolution of paying attention to food labels and making healthier choices. I will also add two more: 1) to read five books a month and 2) to complete 10 diving trips in 2020.

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