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Manifest into your best self by choosing a crystal that is perfectly suited to your Sun sign

Getting into crystals and overwhelmed by the number of choices? Choose a stone according to your zodiac sign to align your energy into your best self. Each crystal carries different healing properties that can help you manifest your goals, giving you the push that you might be needing to accomplish all your goals. 

Whether you’re a determined Capricorn who is hoping to welcome more positive emotions into your life, or a feisty Aries who needs a grounding stone to balance out strong emotions, Cristina Rodenbeck, founder of Manipura Wellness Practice and certified crystal healing practitioner at Integrated Medicine Institute chose 12 healing crystals according to each zodiac sign and talked to Tatler about the traits of each zodiac sign and how healing crystals could help: 

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1. Aries: Carnelian

As the first sign in the zodiac, the presence of Aries always marks the beginning of something energetic and also turbulent.

Aries is a passionate, motivated, and confident leader who builds community with their cheerful disposition and relentless determination. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which represents war, aggression and conflict.

Carnelian as a grounder of energies rebalances one’s high energy soul and temper, so Aries can choose his battles wisely. Carnelian is considered the gem of the earth, a symbol of the strength and beauty of our planet.

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2. Taurus: Rose Quartz

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, romance, attraction, beauty and gratitude. 

Rose quartz enhances Taurean’s Venus qualities, so they can exude love, kindness and compassion in their lives. Known as the crystal of unconditional love, rose quartz is a stone of the heart. Its gentle pink essence carries a soft feminine energy of kindness, compassion, peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment and comfort.

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3. Gemini: Turquoise

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet that represents communication, writing, and movement.

Turquoise is one of the oldest healing stones in history. This beautiful blue stone shimmers with all the shades of the ocean, connecting to the throat chakra so you can speak your truth, and ensure your inner critic stays in check. 

Being a throat chakra stone, turquoise helps to heal all issues in that area supporting Gemini and is at it’s best when communicating with other signs in the zodiac.

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4. Cancer: Moonstone

Ruled by the moon, Cancer is uniquely guided by emotions and the heart. Phases of the lunar cycle are important to Cancerians, deepening their internal mysteries and creating fleeting emotional patterns that are beyond their control. So, Cancer is all about emotions—and lots of them!

The moonstone is as ancient and as mysterious as the moon itself. Known for balancing emotions, it brings clarity into one’s life, lighting up the darkness and illuminating the hidden truths with the subtlety and gentleness of the moonlight reflecting on the water’s surface at night. 

The Moonstone Crystal stone meaning is linked with our ancient fascination with the moon. It helps to open up Cancerian’s heart chakra, allowing them to be more receptive and in touch with their inner feelings.

5. Leo: Citrine

Leo is ruled by the Sun,  the star at the centre of the Solar System. Leo carries fire, which explains why they are the most passionate, warm and intense of all the zodiac signs. Think of the lion!

Citrine’s energy is like the sun: warm, comforting, penetrating, energising and life-giving. 

Citrine is a sunny, vibrant crystal that matches Leo's energy. As their ruling planet is the sun, this Leo stone enhances their warmth and generosity, bringing them the positivity, energy, and joy they need to thrive.

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6. Virgo: Amazonite

Virgos are well known for paying attention to the smallest details, being well-organized and having a lot of practicality in their everyday life. Also ruled by Mercury they have a well-developed sense of speech and writing, as well as all other forms of communication. 

Amazonite carries blue-green in its hues, a cooling and soothing stone that supports perfecting personal expression with ease and inner kindness. 

Virgos are known for having a harsh inner judge; they find it tricky to live up to their extreme self-imposed high standards. Amazonite—being a stone that encourages kindness and seedling growth of self-respect—helps to bring out that much-needed balance to Virgos.

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7. Libra: Pink Tourmaline

Librans are known for their fixation on balance and harmony. They invest most of their energy in keeping their environment and lives lovely, tidy and orderly. Libra is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love, romance, attraction, beauty and gratitude. 

As Librans carry insecure energy in their heart and soul, pink tourmaline will help dissolve and clear negative patterns of insecurity and confusion, and replace it with the highest expression of exuberance and joy of love.

From the tourmaline family, pink tourmaline carries the power and strength of a protective and energy clearing stone with the properties of a heart chakra stone.

8. Scorpio: Ruby

Scorpios are known to be intense, imaginative, passionate and assertive people. Ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration. 

Ruby is the primary gemstone for the Sun. It’s a wonderful gemstone for empowerment, courage, and motivation, particularly when Scorpios feels doubtful, suspicious or uninspired.  

Ruby, as a navel chakra stone, helps utilise the creative forces into all aspects of our being, encouraging passion and a zest for life.

9. Sagittarius: Sodalite

Known for being curious and energetic, Sagittarius is one of the biggest travellers among all zodiac signs. Their open mind and philosophical view motivate them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the largest planet of the zodiac. 

Sodalite is a third-eye stone, a stone of insight,  unlocking deepened intuition. This stone supports Sagittarian’s search for the meaning of life by understanding the nature of themselves in relation to the universe.

10. Capricorn: Peridot

Since I’m a Capricorn, Peridot is a great reminder to me that our body is powerful and amazingly resilient. Particularly when we need the strength to climb our personal mountains. Green happens to be my favourite colour, too!

The Capricorn symbol is the Sea-Goat, and Capricorns are often compared to the mountain goat. Goats slowly and steadily climb to the top of the mountain, which is what Capricorns are all about. They are the most determined sign in the zodiac. Determined to follow their dreams and vision, they keep on going till they reach the top no matter how long it takes!

Known for its ability to strengthen and regenerate the body by activating its systems to make it healthier and more vibrant, Peridot manifests one of nature’s clearest and most vibrant green colours, according to Katrina Raphaell, founder of The Crystal Academy, where I became a certified crystal healer.

Peridot is also associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which means it helps to clear negative emotional states like fear, anger, resentment and other emotional bruises. It adds a wonderful dimension to the support we need in these particularly challenging times where emotions are running high and we’re working harder to keep our bodies and minds strong and healthy.

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11. Aquarius: Gem-Silica

On the one hand, Aquarius is quiet and guarded; on the other, they can be mysterious, free-spirited and eccentric. Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius. It has a timid, abrupt and sometimes aggressive nature, but it also gives Aquarius visionary quality.  

Gem Silica is considered one of the most beautiful New Age Stones which carries a message of peace to the planet. As Aquarius tends to be mentally and physically active, they may be filled with anxious and nervous energy. Gem Silica helps to develop virtues of patience, kindness, tolerance, compassion and humility. Peace from within.

12. Pisces: Sugilite

What are the common personality traits of this particular star sign?  As Pisces’ ruling planet is Neptune, Pisceans are more intuitive than others and have an artistic talent. They frequently express their creativity in everyday life. They have strong imaginations, and their reputation as dreamers can help them when they pursue hobbies such as art, music, and writing. 

Sugilite, also known as Lord Luvulite, is a third-eye stone, a deep purple stone that helps spiritual development. This stone’s strong metaphysical properties help Pisceans access their wisdom so they can bravely and boldly put their fears to rest. 

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