Grab a partner and try this standing acro practice—we promise it's a lot more fun than your usual squats and lunges

Most of us relate fitness to individual goals and personal lifestyle changes. What we often forget is that fitness is also about movement, which is how we interact with the space, people around us, and our own body. When we think of acrobatics, we imagine gymnasts performing superhuman stunts, rather than a partner movement that we can incorporate in our regular workout routine.

But Clare and Aaron, the power couple behind movement studio SharedSpace, are not your usual Instagram #fitspo—the disciplines they teach are movements as much as they are fitness, largely influenced by dance, yoga and parkour. In this episode of Monday Motivation, the duo will guide you through a standing acrobatics sequence that is fun to try with a partner and will make your Instagram feed as cool as theirs:

Above Video: Sean Chu

Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes for more pro tips from some of Hong Kong's best personal trainers and yogis to help get you motivated. 

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