Cover Master Dynamic join hands with two local illustrators for a crossover of science and art (Photo: Courtesy of Master Dynamic)

Master Dynamic has teamed up with local illustrators, Jasmine Tse and Stella So to create a special limited-edition patented NanoDiamonds anti-bacterial mask aiming to protect and spread good vibes

Master Dynamic, a Hong Kong-based research and development company with a team of engineers, researchers and scientists as well as software developers, has joined forces with Hong Kong illustrators, Jasmine Tse and Stella So for a fascinating crossover between science and art to launch a limited-edition patented NanoDiamonds anti-bacterial face mask called  "Cheer Up! Hong Kong".

The masks aim to protect and provide a bit of positivity to Hong Kong people through eye-catching designs by the two illustrators, supported by the Hong Kong Arts Centre. A series of special edition performance-oriented healthcare products is also part of the launch.

In early 2020, when Hong Kong experienced a serious shortage of masks during the peak of the pandemic, Master Dynamic—spearheaded by CEO and co-founder Dr Tom Kong—took the lead and provided their facilities and manpower to support the quick set-up of a mask manufacturing factory to meet the urgent needs of the society. For their efforts, the Innovation and Technology Commission (ICT) sector of the government handed them a grant to apply NanoDiamonds technology on healthcare products for the medical industry.

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This line-up of masks makes use of NanoDiamonds—carbon particles that are produced by high-energy processing—coating technology which is highly anti-bacterial and deactivates the growth of bacteria and viruses that attach to the surface of the mask without any additional UV or light activation. It works by puncturing the cell membrane of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the mask using a strong electrical charge.

As the antimicrobial NanoDiamond masks are produced under patented formulation, it binds to the virus' envelope to disable its ability to replicate. The masks become a shield that can alleviate the problem of hand contamination that potentially causes secondary infection. On top of that, the masks are also non-toxic, skin-friendly, mild and hypoallergenic.

Both Tse and So are crowd-favourite illustrators in the city. Tse made a name for herself with her illustration of a green-faced schoolgirl with a slovenly appearance in 2012. She quickly gained popularity on social media thanks to her realistic portrayal of the lives of Hong Kongers. For this project, Tse designed a girl hiding in her bed, a cat and a goldfish, mirroring the realities of Hong Kong people during the pandemic—those who stay home to isolate themselves are inseparable from their bed, TV and pets. Her design aims to show how you can inject positivity into your life even through hardships.

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Meanwhile So, a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong won the IFVA Award in 2002 for her graduation piece, the animation Very Fantastic, which explores the culture and collective memory of Hong Kong's historical districts.

So is well-loved for her comic creations, illustrated by her mask design of a human-shaped cacti. She taps into the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, Hoʻoponopono (I love you and thank you. Sorry please forgive me) to show that during the pandemic, it's inevitable to form gaps between people, but it's important to ask for forgiveness and solve problems. In the face of adversity, she wants to spread love and positivity into each other.

The limited-edition masks are available at, at the art shop of Hong Kong Arts Centre and all Beans cafes while stocks last.

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