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From fitness instructors to MMA champions, these inspiring individuals on Instagram will give you the push you need to shed the extra kilos from your Chinese New Year feasting

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Kit Mah

A certified nutritional medicine practitioner, model, TV host and fitness coach on wellness platform FitXcapes' Age Rewind programme, Kit Mah looks every inch the unstoppable fitness influencer. But his fitness journey has been far from easy; starting with his awkward teen years when he was laughed at for being skinnier and smaller than many of his classmates. 

Today, Mah uses Instagram as a platform for motivating others. At the start of 2021, Mah resolved to join the 21K Strong Virtual Run & Ride Movement by the City of Elmina in an effort to raise funds for Covid-19 relief. 

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Maggy Wang

Fitness entrepreneur Maggy Wang is driven, hardworking and gifted with the ability to laugh at herself now and then. She's also been a busy lady of late. Aside from launching her 'Move With Maggy' digital training sessions for women in collaboration with Adidas Malaysia, Wang also hosts her 'Head Over Heels' podcast to offer listeners a neutral space to talk honestly about issues affecting them—a fitting nod to her days as a radio host. 

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Nana Al Haleq

No talk of Malaysian fitness celebrities is complete without mentioning Nana Al Haleq. With her tough-as-nails workout ethic and sculpted figure, it isn't hard to see how Nana has earned her way into her followers' hearts as a fitness icon, both on Instagram and off. Follow this celebrity coach and Under Armour ambassador on Tik Tok as well to see life in her shoes, from grueling workout routines to skincare habits and even exercise tips to suit different fitness levels. 

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Gianni Subba

Flyweight MMA coach and ONE Championship contender Gianni Subba was once considered a newcomer to the sport, but is now spoken of with deference by fans, coaches and opponents. The young fighter of Malaysian and Nepalese heritage has peppered his Instagram feed with snapshots of training sessions, challenges and occasional family bonding moments.  

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Steffi Sarge Kaur

National footballer Steffi Sarge Kaur immersed herself in the world of sports since childhood, growing up playing her parents' favourite sports of badminton, football, netball and even sepak takraw. The accomplished athlete, who represented Malaysia at the KL SEA Games in 2017, isn't bothered by gender stereotypes in sports and continues to be an inspiring example to young athletes on Instagram.

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Ishaq Vadillo

For personal trainer and FlyProject instructor Ishaq Vadillo, staying home means staying fit—as seen from his heart-pumping live workouts on Instagram. Look to Vadillo's shenanigans on the 'gram whenever you need a humour-packed boost to get your fitness back on track in 2021.       

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Sonia Naidu

Sarawak-born fashion model and fitness instructor Sonia Naidu is more at home in her Under Armour workout gear and running shoes than in heels and a dress, but it doesn't stop her from rocking wardrobe styles from both ends of the spectrum. Since 2019, Sonia has posted snapshots of her fitness journey on Instagram, collaborating often with fashion platforms like Zalora and Kree.     

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